March 23, 2023


The nation, Nigeria is traveling on a perilous road and headed to a cliff. She will approach this cliff by February 2023, and what will happen if she fails to make a good decision to stop is to plunge headlong into a seemingly irretrievable gulf that will mark her final effacement as a sovereign nation on the coast of West Africa. To stop this nation from destruction has gone beyond the skills of the political drivers who, after all, had shown gross incompetence in not choosing pliable roads but preferred a cul de sac with a gorge that will end the journey in an abysmal nightmare. Faced with such a precarious situation it becomes necessary if normal protocols and procedures are subverted to save the nation and redirect the path to a hopeful future and continuity of existence. To get this job done will be the sole responsibility of the people to decide their fate or cowardly give themselves up for destruction.

But it is very unlikely that the political class that had led Nigeria to this dangerous road will give way for the people to decide their fate. They will do everything possible out of selfish reasons to push the nation into these gullies of night. This will align with the predictable human instinct when as an oppressor, will never willingly cut the oppressed loose. But with such awareness of these oppressors’ intentions, it is suicidal in every ramification not to fight for freedom and survival. The option of Nigerians may be fatal, but it is still the only payable one with the current imbroglio. The pertinent question is: what is then the option?

As it stands, most Nigerians are fed up with these two major political parties, namely, APC and PDP, and all the politicians masquerading as leaders. The direction Nigeria is facing today is a clear indication that the leaders are a bunch of eggheads, cluelessly dragging all of us to ruins. Fortunately, from out of these renegades in power comes a seemingly spotless politician called Gov. Peter Obi, a man that knows what the role of a government is and has a laudable pedigree that speaks of his enormous achievement while in power a few years ago. The people are now left with only one option: to elect Gov. Peter Obi as the next President of Nigeria by February 2023, as the only man who can revise Nigeria away from the dangerous cliff she is headed to. Any other choice will be a requiem for Nigeria. But why will electing Gov. Peter Obi be a fatal Option?

The truth is that electing Gov. Peter Obi is not the fatal option. The fatal option is to get Peter Obi into power. There is no doubt that Nigerians will vote for Peter Obi overwhelmingly, but the political class who are the oppressors of Nigerians are equally busy devising strategies to rig the election. If they can’t rig it through the ballot boxes, they will go the way of usurpation by announcing a loser as a winner and thereby seizing the power to finish us once and for all. Should there be a remonstration by Peter Obi, he will face M.K.O Abiola’s fate, and if the people rise in civil disobedience, the police and military will be unleashed to clamp down on the revolt. And in the minds of these hoodlums in power, these measures are sure to guarantee them success with the usurpation.

But here is the fatal option: Peter Obi must be put in power when he wins this election. This must be done by hook or by crook. This is non-negotiable because the entire fate of about 200 million souls is at stake in this election. If we allow them to steal this election, this general feeling of foreboding will have confirmed by the disaster that will sweep across the land and leaves each person to his fate. In other words, Nigerians (everyone) should be getting ready for civil disobedience unlike anything Nigeria has ever seen should these political rogues come up with any shenanigan to subvert the will of the people after the election.

This time is when Nigerians should stand their ground fearlessly and demand for the true winner be allowed to lead. Thanks to heavens that Nigerian police and military are in their worst shape and will be unable to stop the collective force of the people. What we must not do is underestimate the length at which these criminals will go to hang on to power. We must resolve to prevail even in the face of death. This is the fatal option. This is the time we must take this power away from them and round them up for prosecution and justice. We have only one chance to do this, and we must remain on our duty post when the time comes. Let no man be found wanting

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