March 23, 2023

The mind behind the creation of a Nigerian state seemed to have injected a virus in the system from the onset that has now metastasized and is about to take her down quite naturally. Whatever the motive behind this false marriage (a tussle for colonies, economic reasons, quest for control and power), apparently didn’t put the people and their survival into consideration. Hence, the emphasis on unity and oneness in every article of a national pledge and constitution served as an underlying consciousness of a poorly forged sculpture with dissimilar materials. One might rightly argue that the amalgamation of the multi-ethnic nationalities is not a factor here since homogeneous regions are still not safe from the same dissensions and conflict as prevalent in Nigeria. But in some of these colonies, irrespective of the challenges, there had always been structures that tend to assure sustainability and continuity of a hopeful future. Our people are thrown together with the tag Nigeria as the only emblem everyone is expected to look up to and feel fulfilled amidst disunity and unsettled grievances.

The clear imbalance in the federal structure and the marginalization of some groups and minority components of this federating unit are factors that can never be undermined in trying to solve the Nigerian equation. And yet, the sense of division deeply entrenched in the psyche of this Nigeria component parts seemed to leave an unbridgeable chasm that will require some kind of miracle to amend. The fact that Nigerian ethnic nationalities do not have a sense of oneness, but feel different and can wax hard and pipe loud amongst their own kind is evident in the dissenting episodes that call for secession and liberation. To aggravate the already sorry state, the successive leadership that had presided over the Nigeria enclaves since the exit of the junta, left unattended the basic issues that could guarantee the survival of Nigeria and ameliorate, if not heal, the age-long anger that now reawakened amongst the people.

Who amongst us would build a house without a foundation? If someone takes a contract and builds a house for us when we are away, and when we come back and found out our house has no foundation, what shall we do? Here is what we did: We went inside and stayed amidst the turbulence and erected churches and mosques while hoping that God will keep us safe from the pillars from smashing our stubborn heads. Now the pillars of our Nigeria home are tottering violently, and soon they will come crashing if something is not done urgently.

This is why from many quarters the call to restructure Nigeria, draft a new constitution, address the systematic injustice in Nigeria, and decentralize the power that attracted criminals at Abuja, and which had held Nigerians in bondage for decades. From all indications this call had remained unheeded and there is no sign that this current inept government will entertain this idea as a way of moving Nigeria forward. With the current hunger epidemic across the nation, it is just a matter of time before the little lingering faith in the government vanishes. One can hinge Nigeria’s existence till now on the economy that had fed the people during the heydays of our oil boom. The people were angry but they still stuff their stomachs with eba and rice. Food served as a temporary panacea to the deep-seated anger in the heart of many. Now basic foods are essential commodities and luxuries for the rich, things will change if nothing is done urgently.

In these trying times, hunger can serve as a unifying agent amongst the famished demography who will rise up against this current clueless government that is heading Nigeria to the rocks. I won’t be surprised if this anger boils uncontrollably sooner than later.

But something new is in the offing, a seeming Messiah that has doused the agitations and allowed a glimmer of hope to well up in the breast of these terribly misgoverned people. There seemed to be light after all amidst the pitch economic darkness that forces the people to grope for a gateway from this destructive leadership that is characterized by charlatans and criminals. I once expressed this hope when Gov. Peter Obi made his intention to contest for the highest office in the land known. I believe in him and his deputy but not in anything else. I don’t believe in Nigeria anymore.

I don’t believe in a country that has laws but turned a blind eye to some parts of the country where they are terribly violated. The forces against good electoral processes in Nigeria had converged and taken habitation in the INEC offices everywhere. How can every Almadjiri who is less than 10 years old be wielding PVC and you think we are sane to believe the process is a part of our hopeful future?

The Northern Muslims don’t want the Igbos and some Yorubas are looking for an excuse to snatch away Igbo property in Lagos. The tribal rift has grown too wide that it will be in the interest of everyone that Nigeria is split into homogeneous people. Let’s end this charade called Nigeria and seek a way to thrive as independent nationalities.

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