September 28, 2022


What I am about to write may be counsel you have received or yet to. Nevertheless, I will still write this to re-emphasize the need that you should listen and behave. I will go straight to the point without wasting your time.

Unfortunately, time is what you need, but time is what you don’t practically have anymore. As it is today in Nigeria, you have run out of time. Invariably, you have reached the end of your evil machinations. One thing which all of you, the political class in Nigeria, feel without a shred of doubt today is FEAR. You are afraid because Nigerians, whom you have always beaten and robbed of their humanity, have found hope to live again. In your wisdom, you failed to realize that whatever has a beginning must have an end, and your oppression of the people is what you believed will go ad infinitum.

I am obliged to inform you that Nigeria as a nation has come under the direct influence of divine power, and things will no longer follow your designs but the Will of God. If you know what being under divine power entails, you will obey my counsel for your good.

In case you don’t know, Peter Obi’s is not an accident of our time much less a political one. He is in the divine plan to upset the status quo and probably end your evil reign. His candidacy for the office of Nigerian president has not only rekindled hope in millions of disenfranchised, marginalized, and hopeless Nigerians but has proffered the last lifebelt to these socio-politically drowning millions of hoi poloi to latched on.

For the first time in years, Nigerians have found a common political denominator in Gov. Peter Obi. He represents the hope, dreams, and aspirations of many and ground to believe once again in Nigeria project. And I hope your knowledge of this, buttressed by the massive support he had galvanized across Nigeria will rein your dark inclination to standing in the way of this movement.

It is necessary to warn all of you, the political class before you stir up the hornet’s nest. Hope is the last thread holding millions of Nigerians from giving up, if you destroy that hope this time, no place will be safe for you and your families under the sun. Millions of Nigerians are convinced of Gov. Peter Obi’s abilities to start the work of rebuilding Nigeria, and they haven’t arrived at such conviction from out of his records in the public domain, accessible to all, but intuitively perceived that Gov. Peter Obi is simply a good man whose interest in public service is to carry out his function as it is expected.

If you think that you can rely on your INEC machinery to destroy this hope, then you must be blind to access a tenebrous territory that is filled with malevolent entities waiting to consume you. This is not a prediction but a natural consequence of blind and stupid obstinacy in trying to swim against the current.

The Nigerian 2023 presidential election is already decided, and you have lost out. You have lost out because, for over 30 years, you have plundered and misgoverned the people; You have run a naturally endowed nation aground due to your selfishness and self-centeredness enrobed in tribalism and meaningless ethnic chauvinism. You have lost out because you represent a failure, clueless leaders, and bands of political renegades, rejected and despised by the people. Instead of wasting your time campaigning in other to hang on to power, start planning your exit strategy. 

Nigerians do not want you anymore, for you are a useless ignorant stock without vision and unfit to be a WhatsApp administrator. You took a nation like Nigeria and ruined it. Now the seemingly political liberator of the people is in the offing, it is time for you to go. If you refuse to go, I will remind you that human beings are the same everywhere when oppressively pushed to the walls. France, India, East Timor, Tunisia, Egypt, etc., who resisted oppression are still fresh in our minds. This is not to encourage violence but to warn you to avoid it. You are all wise to know when the game is over.

Yours truly,

concerned Nigerian citizen    

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