September 28, 2022


History is an experience that equips man to guide against the repetitions of the same mistakes that cause so much displeasure and pain. They are reminders and warnings not to take the paths that lead to disaster but to embrace the alternative that is indicative of safety and freedom. But man has seldom paid attention to history and its valuable counsel, and that is why it never ceased from repeating itself as we ignore all the signs and warnings and obstinately tread the same paths to our doom. The typical example of this is man’s ever readiness to war, and nothing good has ever come out of war. At the end of each madness, we are overwhelmed with losses: death, sorrow, grief, pain, and suffering. Yet, despite these bitter lessons, we found some people in another corner of the globe or the same people, flexing muscles to crush each other in another warring insanity. Mankind never learns from history, and today, this lack of precaution has become the bane of our existence and will fling most of us into the irretrievable gulf of damnation with the ongoing divine judgment.

I am not here to talk about war but to call our attention to the raging divine judgment that has come upon us and is sweeping across the earth and apparently oblivious to many who are now confounded by the changes happening both on a small and large scale globally. The judgment, which is a natural process, aided by the approaching divine Light to this part of the cosmos, and had been activated by the presence of the Son of Man on earth, will stir up every human activity to an apex to reveal the intention and nature of the volition to the Light. This is the nature of the judgment, and this process explains the basis of the frequent occurrence of evil in the world and the human inability to harmoniously coexist. Even right to the family units where siblings ought to support one another, it is now a war zone of bitterest disaffection. The scripture foretold this and other similar conflicts that will herald judgment day. But who is listening and who is preparing for divine protection against the onslaught of these looming days?

No one needs to be told that the world has undergone adverse changes in the past few years. Today, scientists do not know what to make of these changes. Everything seemed to have moved away from its natural rhythm. The phenomenon of extreme temperatures and the disappearance of wildlife in our ecosystem amount to the poor state of biodiversity that now affects everything on earth. This should give everybody serious concern, and men should be asking questions and searching for answers to our collapsing world. We should find out why wildfire is consuming acres of land in different parts of the world. Why do mudslides and torrential rainfalls pummel our habitations and leave devastations on their trails? Why is draught scorching some parts of the earth; a situation that lends credence to the extremity of weather conditions today? Why have natural disasters been occurring in such quick succession as never before? What is the cause of these happenings and general uneasiness?   Wherever one looks is an aghast site in apocalyptic proportion.

We seemed to be living at the mercy of forces that jostle our life hither and thither and for which we submit in utter incapacitation. There is uncertainty and fear everywhere, and belief in man’s ability to steady this turbulence is highly absent. Experts are worried about the global economy due to the negative signals it has been showing for the past few years. We seemed to be living in the worst phase of our existence, and yet, people mill around as though it is none of their business. The rate of mortality and crimes in our cities is so high that we have become desensitized to these abnormalities.

The truth is that so much is at stake, and anyone who understands what divine judgment entails in its cyclical cosmic evolution will pay attention this time. Such a person will understand that his continuity as a developed human spirit is at stake; and that he is at a time that determines if he will continue to live in joy and happiness or disappears into eternal damnation for utter disintegration of his personality (ego consciousness). What could be so foolish as to disregard your life and get so busy with things that are used for maintaining this life? What life will you maintain if you lose it? The stakes are high!

The sad aspect is that nothing will change what is coming to us, and the magnitude of the event will leave us speechless. Our world will be turned upside down, trashed, and destroyed. No one can hide from the reward of his handwork. The earth will be purified of every dross that had created a clog in the wheel of the mechanism of creation. Anyone who up till then didn’t submit to the will of God and remained attached to darkness will be wiped out of this earth. At these events, there is no negotiation or mercy for anyone. Your status and titles will avail you of nothing. Every human being will be encapsulated in divine radiation that one is fully checkmated. It is a time of reckoning; a time God demands an account of how we have spent our lives in material creation.

That time is now, and it is unfolding before us. We are standing on divine judgment and the majority of us do not know. You can be cynical about this or try to deny what I just said on the ground that people have said the same thing in the past and it turned into a false alarm. You can go about your business, but what I have never been more certain about is that our life on earth will never turn around anymore. The bad situation will get worst until the big event that will cap it up. Nobody will save us from what is coming, and no political figure can solve the mess we have created on earth. Before us, our world and years of hard work will lay waste in ruins and dust. But good human beings will be saved. Those who have listened to this call and get into the work of self-purification will be saved. What is required is to keep the hearth of your thoughts pure and guide against your utterances. Let your actions be for edification and blessing to your neighbor. Make friends with the truth and He will invite you to a banquet in the Millennium after the judgment. The time to start is now

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