March 23, 2023

Those who benefit from a corrupt system are never comfortable with a revolutionist. They are thrown immediately into impulsive belligerence at the sight of him because his advent meant the end of the graft. They are gripped with fear as they stare at the end of their evil reign. In every quarter they hurry to plot against the revolutionist because he portends a force that could whittle their influence upon his emergence and that is a bad omen they must stop at any cost for their survival. In many ways, Peter Obi’s candidacy for the office of the president of Nigeria in the coming 2023 election shares similarities with Jesus Christ’s experience upon His assumption of office, armed with Goodnews and the teaching of salvation.

In every case, mankind has not changed over two thousand years on how Jesus was treated when He aimed at assisting the erring humanity with truth, Peter Obi’s intention to save Nigeria from socio-economic disaster this time is greeted with the same animosity and resistance. And as it is with Scribes and Pharisees who were the beneficiaries of the scriptural lies, the political class in Nigeria that had run the nation aground through various acts of graft are upset that a man with seemingly impeccable character in public office, has come to liberate the people from their stranglehold. They are determined to forestall his every move just as Jesus was harassed with loads of calumnies.

But despite all the obstacles, Jesus spoke with authority and instilled hope in the lost humanity, a step the power that be felt undermined their power and influence and sealed a plot to murder him. Today, many of these worthless foxes in the Nigerian seat of government have perceived Obi’s ability to match his actions to his word, they know he represents fresh political air, new oxygen to resuscitate the ebbing nation for a new beginning, and this for them is a great vexation as they recognize the veracity inherent in his claims and utterances and are willing to protect themselves against this good man even if Nigeria should go up in flames.

Jesus too was a good man who sought through His incarnation to free humanity from the rigid and empty ceremonies; He brought the truth to dispel the obstructions the wrong interpretations of the scripture placed before the free upwards gaze to the light. He doesn’t need to have troubled Himself but for the love of mankind, he came. Peter obi is already a billionaire, a renowned capitalist whose sources of wealth were unquestionable. He could easily have relocated to any developed country in the world and led a quiet life, but he came to save his country from political hoodlums who will not stop until we are all destroyed.

When they cannot win him over an argument or find any dirt in his past, they sought to discredit what he said: label him as immature without structure who is prominent only on social media. Just like Jesus, wisdom that refreshes with hopes flows out whenever he opens his mouth. His political opponents see the contest as a fight for booty, whereas he reassures them that he is not desperate to become the president since his goal is only for service. Knowing what leadership is about, he measures his utterances and applies tact in every discourse with humility uncommon amongst men of his class.

But Jesus was betrayed by one man: Judas. In our time, Peter is being betrayed by millions of people and prominent amongst them are some Nollywood celebrities, whose hearts are devoid of morals and empathy for the sufferings of millions of Nigerians, which was brought about by the people and political parties Peter Obi intents to flush out of our system and reset the nation to the path to progress and development.

There is no rationalization of failure, criminality, old age, illness, or corruption on the path of Tinubu and Atiku as justification for their support by any right-thinking Nigerian, especially Nollywood Judases urging us to support the gross incompetence of roguery candidates who had bribed them and bought their consciences. There is no justification for any Nigerian youth to cast his vote for any of these useless candidates: Tinubu and Atiku. If you are so dark that you can’t perceive good intention from Peter Obi’s utterances, you truly deserve Nigeria as it is. There is no rationalization of politics as a matter of choice this time in Nigeria.

The way Jesus came on an emergency rescue mission to save Ephesus from sinking away out of the orbit of the Light, Nigeria is in the emergency room, in the ICU ward and every protocol must be overridden to save her life. Peter Obi may not be the Messiah, but he is better than the other two thieves. We may not have this opportunity again except for Lord Imanuel who is in the Offing and who has come for the general good of humanity.

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