September 28, 2022

The candidacy of Peter Obi for the office of the president of Nigeria in the upcoming 2023 election seemed to infuse a different belief in many Nigerians and had kicked in a renewed hope in the possibility of salvaging a nation hopelessly plummeting down to an irretrievable end. Never in the history of Nigeria has an individual aroused such a possibility of hope in Nigeria that is polarized along social, religious, and ethnic lines. Before now Nigeria is dead in the minds of most people. It is only a matter of time before the end of the nation will happen, and many look forward to it with conscious readiness as it is a natural consequence of the trajectory the nation has assumed. But with the media blast that is selling Peter Obi to Nigerians, many who never knew him nor were acquainted with his impeccable pedigree have awoken to the realization that after all, all hopes are not lost with Nigeria. That if Nigeria must be resuscitated and infused with new energy to subsist, only Peter Obi can do it. I share such optimism, but I will be expressing a height of analytical ineptitude to be oblivious of the thousand demons ready to forestall any plan by Peter Obi to create a workable and sustainable Nigeria state.

These thousand demons are of all the wrong things about Nigeria which is the very outgrowth of ignorance and ill will for the common good that left Nigeria dysfunctional in her government and spilled over to the entire people. It is about the wrong system of government in operation. It is about corruption, tribalism, nepotism, quota system, lack of vision, incompetence, hunger, impunity, unaccountability, insecurity, criminals at the herm of affairs, etc. No nation afflicted with such adversities stands a chance of survival. Therefore, the survival of such a nation will come from a man of stainless character in government, who is imbued with vision and conviction to rescue the nation from a definite dissolution. He should be a man from a different stock who doesn’t share the ideology of the past Nigerian leaders but follows the pragmatic philosophy for deliverability and service to the people. Fortunately, Nigeria found him in Peter Obi but must fight to retain and give him a chance to save them. 

The two things Nigerians are obligated to get right this time are to elect Peter Obi and make sure he is sworn in as the president of Nigeria in 2023. It is not enough to elect him though, for some of these thousand demons that held Nigeria hostage could still truncate his ascendency and rob us of the opportunity that may never come back again. Since almost everyone in Nigeria is hunting and are very certain of the uncertainty of the state of the nation, it becomes a moral obligation to be politically proactive this time to snatch Nigeria away from the band of robbers sauntering as leaders and restore hope in Nigeria that can work for all of us.   

But the complexity of Nigeria together with the height of illiteracy presents a seemingly insurmountable challenge to getting the right people to the right places. A nation that reels under the weight of ethnic chauvinism and millions of uneducated citizens will need an extraordinary impetus to see what Peter obi represents for us at this historical time. It is no gainsaying that the privilege of having someone like Peter Obi who is willing to rescue a country that has lost its bearing and direction is an opportunity of a lifetime. Should Nigerians sit back and allow this grace to slip, it will be a definite Nunc dimittis for us. Therefore, there must be a way of exorcising a thousand demons to make way for Peter Obi to serve Nigeria as no one has ever done in our history. 

The pertinent questions before these daunting challenges are: how can Peter obi be elected? What would Nigerians do to make this happen? What no one can overlook in politics anywhere in the world nor in Nigeria is the role of money in paving the way to the victory of candidates. Although money is the key factor in politics, it is its use in Nigerian politics that is different. The candidates in Nigeria bribe their ways to victories and make promises to ensure they get the results. We saw this happen with the recently concluded PDP primaries, where Atiku bribed his way to victory. How can such a corrupt candidate as Atiku be trusted? Besides, what was the source of the money he threw around if not the one he stole from you and me?

With Peter Obi’s candidacy, everything will change if we desire a government that will work for the people and resurrects a nation in comatose as Nigeria. Things will be done the right way and money is needed to accomplish this. The social media role is not enough to get things done. For this job, Peter Obi’s campaign strategists must initiate crowdfunding to raise money in billions of naira. Effective grassroots campaigning and sensitization will be required for campaigners in Nigeria to lay bare the stark difference between Peter obi and the rest of the hoodlums aiming for our common treasury. This money realized will solely be used for logistics, including payment of campaign grassroots mass mobilization personnel. It won’t be an easy task, but it is not impossible this time, given the decades of misgovernance that left Nigerians, the beggars in their motherland. If we don’t get out of our comfort zones and join hands in campaigning for Peter Obi, Nigeria will be lost forever, and no other people will suffer the consequences but all of us and the posterity. If Peter Obi’s candidacy can douse agitations in the ranks of IPOB and other disaffected groups in Nigeria, what will prevent working to elect him? The thousand demons are only around because the people have not made up their minds to exorcise them. Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. The people who destroyed Nigeria are only 1 percent in politics. What is 99 percent of the rest doing from taking their country back? Lose this opportunity this time and forget about Nigeria and all your dreams. This is a moral obligation; we all owe this to our children to elect a true leader in 2023 in Gov. Peter Obi

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