March 23, 2023

The war has come upon us
from the East where Light comes,
now occupied by the dark force
bringing to bear, the storms,
once, found in prophecies,
and on the lips of seers.

The Medes have truly risen
holding Ukraine as a bait;
while Babylon, meant to be taken
as Isaiah and Jeremiah said,
in thousands of years past,
when Babylon was yet unborn.

If this be the time spoken;
If this be the day of the lord
Babylon, the harlot will be trodden;
not before taking Ukraine’s load
or massing nations together,
or pushing the Medes to the wall.

This day shouldn’t have dawned;
this madness should’ve deferred
for the earth not to be torn,
through a weapon of indignation path,
hidden by the Medes
against Babylonian arrogance.

This is a judgment of a people.
The measure of our iniquities.
The giant suddenly becomes little
groping and fighting with sticks,
while being fully decimated
to the shock of the world.

Time is still to change the fate
days abound to avoid Medes.
Let Ukraine be their spoils to eat
sanctions will make them confess,
The world will return to peace
and the evil day avoided.

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