March 23, 2023

The war between Light and darkness, good and evil, freedom and oppression has become more pronounced in the region of Afghanistan, recently. For 20 years US with NATO allies has waged war in this aforementioned region to ward off the darkness in disguise of Islamic religion and under an umbrella called the Taliban. Not long US troops were withdrawn in a seemingly endless war than the Taliban who are best described as henchmen of Lucifer swarmed over the land to seize power and rule over the people. With the emergence of the Taliban, the population of Afghans became frightened, and chaos ensued as millions of people made haste to run away to any place but their homeland.

The US /NATO war with the Taliban began in 2001, when Osama Bin Laden, who masterminded the September 11, attack on US soil took a haven in the white mountains of Tora Bora. In other to get Osama Bin Landen, war was equally waged to topple the Taliban, an ultraconservative political and religious faction that ruled Afghanistan and gave Bin land shelter. Amongst the three goals of the war, two were accomplished: Toppling the Taliban government and killing Osama Bin Laden. The third goal is to help the Afghan military and police forces fight the Taliban and protect the Afghan citizens. This third goal failed in 2011, and ever since then, US/Nato soldiers have no idea what they were doing in Afghanistan.

But this piece has nothing to do with tracing the origin of this conflict and war, but to beam a little light on the Taliban and the religiopolitical ideology they represent. So, without a discourse on this subject, many may still not understand the reason for this Afghan mass exodus. The reason is not difficult to understand because the name Taliban for an Afghan citizen is synonymous with evil. For them, the takeover of the government by the Taliban is the dawn of evil reign. Even though most Afghans are of Islamic faith, the people see the Taliban governing body as representatives of darkness.

What still baffles many a man is how the Islamic religion that propounds peace has shown nothing but war, killings, brutality, and oppression from Taliban in Afghanistan? Why would a religion that invokes the name of the Almighty Father, violates His laws, especially in slaughtering human beings and denigration of woman as Taliban does? Why would these religious adherents consider themselves soldiers of God who fight for Him? Is it not ridiculous that the Almighty Father is so weak to defend himself and has chosen a mortal creature to fight for Him who is immortal? To what extent would human irrationality and madness stretch?

Today the nation of Afghanistan is in commotion, chaos, and confusion because the evil men hiding behind religion have landed in the town. They have come with doctrines of darkness in righteous pretense to unleash wickedness that indicated the depth of hell from where they emerged. They want to guide men to their own misconceived paradise in stringent restrictions that rob the people of freedom, opportunity, and happiness. They are servants of Allah who hypocritically broke every law they impose but raised hands and slaughter commoners who had the same violation.

The people know these religious men (Taliban) and how stale their hearts are; they know they are criminals with no love in their souls, and as such, would prefer to risk being suffocated in a Cargo Plane than to spend another minute in their homeland. They people want to run far away from home where the name Taliban will never be mentioned again. They want to run away from a religion that will take their lives and murder their children. Afghans are on the run today, and they are lucky they have the U.S as a destination. Tomorrow the whole world would be running, and this time, there would be no destination. This event in Afghanistan today is a foretaste of the coming world events. We have screwed up everything, and we must bear the responsibility!

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