March 23, 2023

Long, very long ago, the time before the conquest of the Sumerians by the Semites, around seven thousand years ago, the last connection with our friends was severed. The process of human decadence that spread over the earth, had Sumerians (who later was renamed Babylonians), as one of the last people to have communed with our friends. Then, before the severance, peace reigned amongst these glorious people. The knowledge of the one true God was not only in their hearts but in their deeds as well. The X-wavelength that aided in the relationship with our friends had not gone blunt, man was able to pace the earth unhindered, without causing a disturbance and truly unburdened. The daily work (whether in building, craft, farming, or fishing), was a joyful activity that was looked forward to by everyone since the companionship of the Elemental Beings (Essentials) was one that enlivened.

As it was with Sumerians, so was it with all the ancient peoples, the Toltec, Aztec, Mayans, Aborigines communities both in Africa and America. The Essentials who are the Lords and Ladies of nature were the companions, teachers, instructors, and masters in creation until our voluntary enchainment to intellect resulted in disconnection with these benevolent beings. It was with utmost consternation that these masters watched man succumb to the enticement of the Baal (Lucifer’s foremost principal-agent), that brought profanation, idolatries, and desecration of things man once held with holy trepidation. Even as man, out of ignorance began to worship and accord reverence to the masters as gods, the distance between us widened.

Man lost himself as he followed the promptings of his intellect, and thereby wreaked havoc everywhere and whatever he touched. The horrors of human sacrifice from the ancient times that cast its shadows down to the present day attested to this headlong fall of man. Lies, treachery, theft, false witness, murder, envy, lust, anger, selfishness, and other evils, spread amongst men like an epidemic. As a consequence, a disease epidemic of incurable kinds afflicted mankind and set him to the downward part of agony and helplessness. Man’s life on earth that ought to have been joy and happiness was marred by troubles, anxiety, worries, and ignorance. The present civilization that is expected to bring about knowledge, tolerance, and wholesome coexistence of all human races saw the opposite. The barbarism of the Mayans, human sacrifice of the Aztec tribe, and brutishness of the Stone Age are all here with us, and sometimes to an unimaginable cruel degree.

We fell and the Master withdrew. They, who had taught us letters, numbers, colors, and geometry, and showed us the treasures of the earth and how to harness them for our use. Under their loyal guidance and unsurpassed dedication danger of nature where averted. The human tragedies caused by storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, beasts of prey and etc. never occurred when the masters tallied along with us. We were protected from the rains, winds, earth, and fire, and as such, the longevity on earth blessed all lives. Then, the secrets of the universe were uncovered together with great knowledge of astronomy was made accessible to man. The earth wore reflection of paradise at these far-off times when divine will ruled the hearts of men.

How many amongst us remember the king and Queen of the Essentials Zeus and Hera, the Lord of the Sun, Apollo, the transformer and transmitter of divine purity Astarte, the Gnome and Alberiches of the earth and stones, the Salamander of the fires, the beautiful mermaids of the oceans, The radiant princess of flowers, Elves and Silenus of the trees, little flower fairies, Diana the guidance of the animals, Ostara, the Spring goddess, the giants, and sylphs. Nixies and small Vanir, Dual form Essentials such as water essentials, Centurs, Fauns, Fylgens. Uranus and Uralides and so many Essential nations we have forgotten.

As long as life in subsequent creation is concerned, man cannot thrive successfully without the cooperation of the Essential friends. Their roles in our lives are vital and irreplaceable. In this, the Lord enjoined in the message: “Man on earth must heed one thing in particular in which he had sinned severely: the connection with the essential helpers must never be eliminated! Otherwise, you tear a gap there with which harms you! You must not look upon the great strong essentials as gods; for they are not gods but faithful servants of the Almighty, and they are great in their serving! But they are never subject to you!

However you must not look in arrogance at the small essentials as if from above; for they are not your servants, but like the great ones they serve only God, the creator. Only in their workings do they approach you, but you should approach them” In the coming times, much of the lost knowledge will be revealed and among them is the reestablishment of the connections with the essential beings. But before this time our world will collapse with all our aberrations, dramas, and pseudo-knowledge that created nothing but tragedies and failures. Until this time, let’s stretch our arms to our friends!

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