March 23, 2023

Man’s need to know and understand himself and the world gave rise to Philosophy. This is a discipline devoted to the search of truth; the digging into the fundamentals of reality. But despite all efforts in Philosophy to explain some realities, it falls short and leaves everyone in the dark where the only left option is to grope in suffering until death sets one free from this earth and its tormenting mysteries. Still, it will be disingenuous not to recognize the role of Philosophy as the hub in the evolution of man. In fact, civilization couldn’t have been possible if Philosophy had not spearheaded the inquiry into the ultimate cause.  The truth is that Philosophy is good as long as it explains the material world. When it tries to assume a central role in spiritual matters, it becomes a square peg in a round hole.

This limitation in Philosophy is the reason for so much suffering and anguish due to its inability to provide answers to human afflictions. For instance, if one can find the answer to the reason behind his affliction to a congenital illness that is beyond what medical explanations offer which in itself, an effect of a cause, it will ameliorate the suffering and imbue one with renewed strength to face the condition with the right attitude. Where rational explanation fails in the face of our afflictions, we take recourse to religion to fill in the void we just cannot stand. We embraced religion with the hope of receiving answers and consolation to our suffering, and we expected it to deliver.

But, with religion, the frustration deepens because one is left in obscurity, with nothing substantial to offer for the explanation of human conditions other than to enjoin the people to accept their fate as a cross (suffering) sanctioned by the will of God. The will of God meaning that God purposely allowed such afflictions to befall them. But God who doesn’t know evil nor wickedness cannot be responsible for human suffering. Don’t you think so?

The question is: who is responsible for human affliction and suffering? Why are some people rich and others poor; some are suffering and others are enjoying life? Why are some people afflicted with terminal and congenital diseases and others sound and healthy? Why are some families, a disaster, and others peaceful and happy? Why are my mates doing fantastic and I am tardy? Everybody and including my juniors have all married, and I am single full of bitterness over my condition? Why am I an African, a Nigerian, or an Indian instead of an American, or a British? Why are my family so poor and others well to do? These and so many conditions leave us miserable and curious for answers.

The misery these unanswered questions have generated is very costly because they are traceable to our compounded agonies we face daily. They have led to family feuds and break-ups. They account for anger, hatred, and violence that ensued from the apportionment of blames in relationships. They have dragged us into depression and sometimes to the point of suicide. At times, when one doesn’t have the answer to his condition and torment, he becomes vulnerable to self-harm to escape what he considers a hopeless situation. But with truth and knowledge, one becomes free and visualizes life in different, healthy pictures of interest and confidence.

No one is responsible for our afflictions but ourselves! This is the truth that must form a foundation of our liberation if we truly desire to be free. The justice of God precludes inequality in every form or, that won’t be justice.  It is also necessary to understand that we all have had multiple earth lives and to look at our entire existence as comprised of only this current earth life leads us into error and darkness from where the light of knowledge cannot penetrate. Although, Philosophy will question these postulations and quickly dismiss them as the non-factual basis, designed as a foothold to explaining misconceived realities. To question claims such as God, Justice, and reincarnation is the job of Philosophy, and shouldn’t worry us. What we should be concerned about is finding a way of seeing limitations in Philosophy as not to rely entirely on it to explain spirituality that doesn’t fit into its tool of investigation.

 In previous incarnations, everyone has had opportunities to enjoy privileges, and in one form or another, held a position of authority. No one is cheated or unfairly treated by fate or God. Those who are poor today were sometimes in the past rich. Our attitude in the management of our wealth in the previous lives or even this present one determines the present condition. Our congenial and terminal illnesses are not random affliction but consequences of past misdeeds in a process of redemption. Nothing happens to us for which we have not given cause in the past. The past could be this present earth life or in the previous ones.  

The Divine laws of God that maintain creation precludes arbitrariness and error. They make sure no one escapes the consequence of his action whether good or bad. This is the reason the condition of life on earth always reflects, the activities of these laws in their inexorable maintenance of justice. The conditions each of us find ourselves are the result of what our previous actions purchased for us. This is on every aspect, including the family we come from, those who become our parents, the persons we marry, those who become our children. We determine from our previous actions in previous incarnations the country of origin, our towns, and villages; our professions and friends. Those who we encounter in our wandering on earth are not products of chance. Everything is woven with threads of fate in the divine laws that ensure justice.

When the knowledge that we are responsible for our afflictions on earth becomes common, the realities are visualized from a sound pedestal. People will be ready to follow the constructive way out. And in order for one to change one’s condition, it must precede a change in behavior. Wrongdoing and evil give rise to pains and sufferings. Love and goodness open up a bright, sunny future for us. In places and countries as well as communities and families where people are corrupt and evil, the consequences reflect on them.¬† If it does not fully manifest presently, it will surely come later. Even death is incapable of severing the threads of fate attached to a soul indebted through an act of wrongdoing. Such a soul reincarnates carrying a burden of the previous life. Nothing will be remitted of anyone until the last farthing is paid. In this debt’s settlements lie redemption; there, salvation also resides!

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