March 23, 2023

Power, it is said intoxicates, and those who drank from its cup for satisfaction only learned with regret of its transience and loss. It begets nothing but disquietude when it is channeled to the subjugation of a people and perpetuation of injustice. “He, who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind.” When power is obtained for the purpose of destroying others to establish a home for an ethnic tribe, one sets out on a journey of self-destruction. No one escapes the consequences of evil no matter how immediate success might appear to have attained. It is just a matter of time before such ethnocentric self-preservation is exposed by its inevitable implosion. This is why the evil that leads souls against others returns to eat them too. Evil feigned to bind people against anyone or group is never reassuring; it does not guarantee enduring solidarity, rather, it is a gateway to fear, uncertainty, and suffering.

No matter how many times history repeats itself; the inebriation induced by power deafens the wielder. This is such that one plays god with some vague belief of being conferred immortal by the position. No wonder with power one tends to reach beyond the laws, since in his opinion, he is the law. Such a sense of omnipotence is the seed of misguided utterances and blind pursuit of ambition of vain-gloriousness. It emboldens one to recklessness to the point of a challenge to one’s maker, as one strays into the irretrievable gulf of self-inflicted doom.

It was a power that drove Pharaoh and his battalion to their death in the Red Sea, as they sought to continue their oppression of the Jews. Power seduced Hitler to unleash mayhem on earth in the search to create a utopian world but ended up taken his own life. Roman Empire was once renowned as a city on seven hills, towering with power and might, but today fizzles into the shadow of itself, leaving only relics of its shame in museums across the world. European colonization was driven by race for power and supremacy among the counterparts which they thought will never end but lost when the people rose with one spirit for freedom. King Leopold II of Belgium thought terror can subdue the will of the Congolese, and he employed it to its brutish form against the unfathomable heroism of people’s will to survive, and he failed.

The litany of history’s admonition could have been a deterrent to man had power not been vulnerable to intemperance. The northern hegemony that saw their present power seizure as an opportunity for Nigerian conquest and Islamization will repeat history in futility. They could have their way in any other place but never dream of the conquest of Ndi Igbo, or rather Biafra land. The Igbo like the Jews is likened to Phoenix that rises from the ashes of its own death. Adversities and suffering imbue Biafrans with a new resilient spirit of survival, and this is why the forces against them in the Biafra war couldn’t subdue them but rather, fortified them the more.

Nigeria in actual fact is not ungovernable. The ungovernableness of Nigeria lies in her tribal chauvinism and ethnocentrism. And so long as this ethnic division exists, Nigeria will never become a nation with the goal of becoming a home for all who are forcefully tied to her geographical space; and who can enjoy the peace and aspire to happiness. It is not late for the northern elites to temper down the raging chaos in the land, and seek out a careful means to defuse this ethnic time bomb ticking to our collective sorrow.

If the Fulani had conquered other nations along their itinerancy to Nigeria, and in the hope of doing the same, they are unfortunate to meet a people who will dash that dream. They have failed even before conceiving the idea of appropriation of Biafra’s ancestral land. Even the sell-out by unscrupulous elements amongst Igbo elites won’t assure this takeover. The nomads will try with the leverage currently present in their hold on power but will realize their mistake when Igbo unites for survival as was done in the late 1960s. It happened before and will happen again!

All the noise about the insecurity that has turned Nigeria into a predatory jungle could end today if the northern political elites wish. The bandits, herdsmen, and boko haram are their people who received their endorsement. They could ask them to stop and retreat, and Nigeria will become peaceful overnight. The question is: why can’t they call this madness off? What do they intend to gain when people are slaughtered every single day from the hands of their kith and kin? What purpose will this destabilization and terror serve other than provoke war and retaliatory killings?

With the placement of Fulani in almost all top positions in the government, no one needs to be informed a grand plan for takeover is being hatched. But guns can take away life not the will to survive. This is why nothing good can come out of this one Nigeria dissimulation, and the need to be realistic that we can only thrive and develop as different nations. We can choose to continue to live and prosper or, follow our base impulses and slaughter each other out of foolishness and hate.

Many, who trod this path which we are defiantly marching, live in regret and shame. In fact, they live in disbelief of how they were able to plunge knives in the hearts of their neighbors or chop off their heads in preventable ethnic differences. The Hutus of Rwanda can explain better this war of conscience today. We don’t need to fight or kill each other over the earth we don’t even own, and which we are departing in droves through natural deaths. What kind of creature is man that he doesn’t see the baloney and vanity of earthly attachment? What could ever help us to realize the meaninglessness of these perceived values?

This is a clarion call to Nigerian Fulani elites who had set the fire that will soon overwhelm the people, to make good judgment and stop this conflict. According to John Donne, the English poet, “any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls: it tolls for thee!”

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