May 14, 2021

A distinctive mark of any soldier is summed up in two words: duty and honor. The virtue of enrolling in a military (with exception of the draft) is by itself an acceptance of the duty. What is left to attain is an honor, and that is where the goal lies. A soldier without honor is like food without taste which invariably defeats the purpose for which it is meant. This is why for the sake of honor a soldier lives beyond fears and would plunge into any mission no matter how dangerous to accomplish a good deed for the nation and humanity.

I must not fail to first note here that military establishment is unnatural. It is an aberration that resulted from the outgrowth of base human inclinations to conquest, oppression, and domination. To safeguard a sovereign state from external aggression, military force becomes vital, a power to ward off enemies and protect the nation and the citizens. A soldier carries out this duty with such heroism that death is embraced in the line of duty as a great honorable sacrifice. Had we been able to conduct our affairs on earth properly, the military wouldn’t have existed. The word “military” should be a reminder of a failed humanity, a world where man is a wolf to man.

As a nation, Nigeria also has a military force and in everything, her military is a microreplication of the society, embodying all the ills that have left her a laughingstock amongst the comity of nations. This unfortunate situation is a result of the very nature of the entity called Nigeria which those at advantage refused to address for the very fact that the mess is profitable. And whoever tries to change that situation is a criminal and enemy of the state.

The ones at advantage are of one strategy but of different goals. The first is the Fulani who are the marauding invaders in the North and are basically foreigners in Nigeria, but who happened to wield political power today, wants one Nigeria to help them accomplish the goal of total conquest of the South. The second is the Southern political elites (This includes Southeast, South-south, Southwest, and North-central states’ elites of Hausa predominance). These people want one Nigeria because the sorry situation of the country is primarily beneficial to their pocket. They don’t want any disturbance of the status quo and the best is to embrace the Fulani whom they share the strategy of keeping Nigeria one despite their awareness that the Fulani are their enemies.

These two groups are responsible for what had become of the Nigerian military today. It is not only that Nigeria’s Military serves as tools that help to perpetuate the corruption; they are themselves terribly corrupt. The absorption of so many Boko Haram terrorists into Nigeria military force to whom politician awarded the title of repentant terrorists, and the deployment of the military in Abia State to Kill Nnamdi Kanu and currently in Orlu where civilians were ruthlessly killed, makes the Nigerian military a terrorist organization.

As a soldier, your sacred duty is to protect the citizens. To kill civilians who should be under your refuge is not a good deed; it makes you a dirty soldier, worthless human being, and a lost soul. Any command to do so, no matter where it came from must be resisted even at the expense of your life. That is the meaning of honor; that is called service of heroism which is a hallowed bestowment to a soldier.

To brand Nigerian soldiers dirty is actually an inadequate description of what their actions have earned them. What do you call a military that collaborates with terrorists to do harm to their colleagues? What do you make of a clique in uniform who selectively send out most soldiers from the Southern origins to attack Boko Haram terrorists, and went behind to tip off the terrorists who eventually capture and slaughter them? What do you call military men who embezzle the fund meant to equip the youths on the frontline? Any honest Nigerian soldier will tell you that they are an ill-equipped, untrained, ragtag bunch of job opportunists with no iota of what the job they signed for entails.

This is why they couldn’t defeat illiterate Boko haram and herdsmen who are killing Nigerians and went after the peaceful Eastern Security Network (ESN), a vigilante group that has never killed an ant. They are attacking peaceful folks, killing and maiming anyone on the way, and all of them civilians. This is why I am disgusted with Nigerian soldiers. They are not only dirty soldiers; they are a stinking bunch of lowlife.

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