April 23, 2021

It will be preposterous for anyone to suggest that Biafra’s restoration could be an ambition quite unfeasible given the travails of the Igbos since the inception of this seemingly unfortunate forged union. For years now Nnamdi Kanu has made promises and swore an oath to interesting and listening ears that he must sever the republic of Biafra from millions of chains holding it from independence in Nigeria and a match to freedom and Promised Land. This commitment as we watched has evolved to an ambition, setting a ground for blind pursuit that is reminiscent of Pharaoh, the armies and the Red Sea.

This is not the first time mortal has tried to transcend the boundaries of its limitation against the counsel of good judgment and arrived at what became a terrible outcome. Hitler’s ambition was for Germany to become world super power on geopolitical stage beginning from the conquest of Europe or, she as a nation, must cease to exist. The machinations foisted to realize this dream proved flawed from the onset as war and violence cannot found enduring peace for a nation free from external aggression. The inevitable downfall came with the cost of about 50 millions lives, leaving Germany decimated in piles of ruins and desolation.

Shakespearean play Macbeth captures how ambition is capable of twisting a human mind for the betrayal of a loyal friendship and murder. The prophecy of the weird sister (The witches) serving as the fuel for the ambition drove Macbeth relentlessly to plot the murder of King Duncan without consideration for the moral implications. He is willing to take the throne and eliminate every real and imaginary threat to it, and Lady Macbeth pushed him onward until he is consumed by the furies of this ambition.

Kanu’s dream of Biafra cannot be divorced from a blind ambition due to many factors he failed to consider before awakening the hopes of millions of his followers for the arrival of the new republic. He has touted Biafra as the light and hope of African continent. He baptized the people “umu Chineke,” Children of God and projected Biafra’s exceptionalism as a superior race and also, in the bid to attract world sympathy to accelerate her independence from oppressive Nigeria government.  

Has Kanu considered the will of God in this Biafra project? What if Biafra independence is not the will of God, would he give up the struggle or be driven by blind ambition to an unfortunate end too? It is one thing to frown against injustice and devote oneself to ending it, and another, to understand whether there is actually injustice over the plight of the Igbos and Biafra at large. It is not sound reasoning to assume that the oppressed are innocent and victim of injustice without questioning if there is an antecedent to the consequence. This thinking will amount to a negative perception of the world where blame and victimization are seen as consolation instead of flawed reasoning, largely responsible by ignorance.  

Where some see injustice others will understand it as settling of a past debt. Man’s existence on earth is crisscrossed by invisible threads of fate that meticulously and accurately weaves his future and fate. Today is the future of yesterday and this present life is the future of the past life. What and how we live today will determine what becomes of us and what is in store to settle our debt tomorrow or the next life.  The suffering and oppression which the Biafrans are facing today is the result of past misdeeds. It is nothing but the reaping of what was previously sown. This is the law and no quibbling changes it.

Biafrans may be endowed with talent that is somewhat unique like the Jews but that doesn’t single them out as Children of God. One can only become a child of God when one is in the habit of keeping the laws of God. Many who consider themselves Biafrans and are continuously being referred as Umu Chineke, Children of God, thrive in atrocities across the globe, and not once has Kanu devoted a session of his broadcast only to spiritual and moral admonition of Biafrans especially his followers. A true leader with true knowledge guides the followers to self-purification first in other to make them acceptable before God.

The travails of Biafra is an indictment to our past misdeeds, and nothing in the lives of our people shows those who have collectives forgone their wrong ways and adopted a hallowed way of life worth receiving blessing of freedom and liberation from God. Rather what is obtainable is hypocrisy and lip service to God, while evil dominates our daily lives. And not once have people expressed misgiving over what is purported to be a Promised Land in Biafra republic. These misgivings stemmed from a general assessment of our people’s moral, political, social and spiritual standing which do not evoke hope of a sustainable political future. It is believed that Biafra republic will be our own undoing because that world is our exit to extinction.

Why do people harbor this fear of Biafra republic? Does this not show that the most essential works of changing our ways and doing the right thing have not been done? Kanu who took it upon himself to lead appears to neglect this basic foundation for prayer and blessing. Rather he saw Biafra as an ambition he will attain which left him vulnerable to blind pursuit that could culminate in disaster. This is because when blind ambition rules that heart, the ears go deaf and every obstacle must be eliminated for the goal in sight. For Macbeth the witches fueled his ambition. In the case of Kanu, according to him, the fallen heroes in the beyond are the witches driving him to restore Biafra even if it is against the will of God.

Whatever we do in life including Biafra struggle, the will of God must precede our prayers. And we cannot pray with heart of darkness or one blinded by ambition. Kanu must call attention to the way of life of Biafrans and enjoin them to change to good way of life as a sine quo non to Biafra restoration and not from ambition because it will placate the beloved ones in the spirit land. We are our own enemies. The Fulani are just physical agents which the Divine law uses to bring our ripened fruits. We must not return hate with hate. The eight beatitude of Jesus Christ is of purity and love and should serve as a mirror to our conscience.

Dark ambition must give way to self-purification as a condition for a struggle. It is wishful thinking for anyone to think that there will be peace and happiness in Biafra republic if somewhere in the world there are people suffering and privation in widespread. Let’s pray for the kingdom of God on earth for all men and not only for Biafra republic! Go and tell Nnamdi Kanu this!

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