April 23, 2021

In the past few weeks the world was glued to US election and almost everyone has a preferred candidate -between Biden and Trump- to emerge a winner. These preferences are predominantly informed by religious sentiments or lack of it. Others came from the combination of ignorance, delusion and inner state that already made it impossible not to reveal the side oneself belongs, giving the divine judgment that has sifted humanity into two groups. As often with most Nigerians who wail more than the bereaved, or insert themselves in issues with some noise for relevance, it is embarrassing to find the depth of their misperception angling to a group of humanity on the wrong side.

Events often imbued with power to uncover our spiritual state, throwing light to our true identity which confirms the unfolding events of the last days. US election did this in a salient manner that couldn’t have gone unnoticed. The Christians and evangelicals embraced Trump as one of them and closed their eyes from seeing how deeply unchristian Trump has acted for the past four years. They filed behind him even while he tore babies away from their parents and suggested that these immigrant strangers fleeing persecution and hunger should be shot at the borders. They sing for him even as he degrades women, lie countless times and court the favor of racist groups.

Everything Trump does is excused by a group bearing the name of Christ in their scorched lips. His incendiary remarks and incitement that nearly cost Michigan Governor and co. their lives was brushed aside. His vindictiveness on those who testify during his impeachment and his frantic efforts to stop many from testifying to the congress are all Christian values? Some phony excuses which they are able to muster in defense of Trump are his stance against abortion and gay marriage. They are against abortion but for ripping immigrant babies away from their parents at the borders? They are for prolife but excused a monumental mismanagement of Covid-19 pandemic that had cost more than 235,000 lives over a period of eight months. They didn’t see anything wrong from taking away health insurance of millions of people with no replacement in a pandemic era?

While Trump supporters provide no logical ground for their position, Nigerian supporters harbor weird hopes and beliefs that exposed their level of ignorance. Due to the endemic conflict between Christian and Muslim in Nigeria and Trump hiding behind hypocritical evangelicals, the belief is that Trump is for Christians and thereby he is our man. Others in the Southeast who follow Nnamdi Kanu unreasonably hoped that Trump will give them Biafra. There are other reasons for their support for Trump which didn’t come close to understanding this figure.

They don’t have clue about his white nationalistic ideology, racism, authoritarianism, corruption, ego-mania, megalomania, narcissism and debauchery. When you try to reason with these Nigerians that Trump knows only Trump you meet obstinacy founded on ignorance. Instead of presenting clear logic for their position, they try to make contrast with Joe Biden. Just like Trump they shout baseless conspiracy theories into your intolerable ears. Sadly, they want trump to win but he lost.

The most interesting insight into this election is the understanding of how much control darkness has gained on earth. There is nothing else that can explain how about 73 million Americans will cast their vote to Trump whom many republicans had deserted on account of incompetence, unfitness and hypocrisy. Nothing explains this than the spiritual division that had already occurred amongst humanity which is indicative of a group capable of seeing what darkness is masked in and another that can never be redeemed from it.   

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