March 23, 2023

Last month enraged Nigeria populace, especially the youths erupted spontaneously and somewhat collectively to dare oppressive Nigerian government that failed to rein SARS operatives whose excesses became terror to the people. The protest, which ab initio, I saw as a recreational charade due to lack of strategic coordination, basic information and demand for real change that will come from addressing the real causes of Nigeria problems which SARS criminality is just a symptom, has not proved me wrong. It is common understanding that addressing a symptom has nothing to do with proffering solution to a problem. It is like cutting branches of a tree while the roots are firmly buried in the ground.

A month after the ENDSARS protest, what is there to show as an achievement? What can Nigerian youths claimed to be the product of the loud expression of frustrations and destruction on the streets of our urban areas for two weeks? The rogue government that felt its comfort is being disrupted and could lose control of the masses quickly renamed SARS, a SWAT team, to pretend to be responding to the protesters’ demands. Although the youths understood the game that was being played and they resisted. Sadly, the resisted and rejected SWAT, but in futility!

The pertinent questions are: who sold the idea that police brutality is the problem of Nigeria and must be curbed for the people to thrive? Who said that good policing can fix Nigeria? And where and how can there be good policing in a clime terribly ridden with corruption, hunger and poverty? Anyone who can look at things with less superficiality will immediately recognize that a blessed nation as Nigeria with all her natural and human resources which has turned a poverty epicenter of the world must have its causes far from police stations.

The creation of Nigeria and the colonizing process in which she came to be forged set a ground for a troubled nation. It can’t be overemphasized that the British invasion of Nigeria has anything to do with the welfare of the people. The colonizers (British) were uninvited guests, criminals who held the natives hostage, and bent on taking the resources for their own good. The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates in 1914 was an act of two criminals seeking out for mutual business interest. The British from the South and the gang of robbers led by Usman Da Fodio from the North struck a deal to jointly own Nigeria space for their economic and political dominance.

This explains why Nigeria is not a nation but a franchise being operated jointed by Buckingham palace and among Northern oligarchs. The sole purpose of these criminals is to keep the venture together at any cost to ensure the continuous pillage of the commonweal. During their reign of terror in Nigeria which came to be known as the infamous occupation, the Brits introduced police as a technique for intimidation and control. When they left our shores they took the bridle with them which till today are used to control the people. Is it surprising that the British is the one who trained Nigerian SARS operatives. The brutality which they unleashed on us while in occupation was firmly hammered into our brothers brains during their training in Britain. In other words, Nigerian government has no power over Nigeria police. What we have is a puppet government who does only what the master says.

Right from 1960, the day of the phony independence nothing has gone well. From pogrom to coup d’etat and then civil war, which Britain bore down her mighty force on Biafra civilians to subdue them and keep the joint business running? Whatever is happening in Nigeria is being briefed in Buckingham Palace and decisions are taking on how to tame us. When you hear the Fulanis saying that power belongs to them and they won’t relinquish it, you understand where they are coming from. The South with its rich resources is a conquered territory by the British while the stale, scorched North is a property of the Caliphate.

The truth is that we are in bondage in Nigeria, in slavery that is remotely operated and systematically controlled. This is why our demand for human rights is so funny that it cannot be taken seriously. We have no right because we have no constitution. The military in collaboration with Buckingham palace put up a mumbo-jumbo document in 1999 meant to serve as Nigeria constitution. We can hardly find 50 Nigerian Youths that have read that terrible document called constitution amongst thousands on the street for ENDSARS protest. When you read this document, you will know that Nigeria elected governors are not answerable to the people, and the temerity that informed the hoarding of palliatives during covid-19 lockdown.

I sincerely believe that the youths can burst the fetters that hold all of us down, but not by two weeks standoff with the authority. We cannot cure an illness by fighting the symptoms. An all out revolution, well coordinated to shutdown the nation as long as it takes; demand for resignation of all political office holders and regionalize Nigeria political structure with able youths to head each region while national conference is convoked with referendum in the agenda. Every youth is expected to come out for the revolution. Anyone who fails will not be spared. This is what we should focus on now after the ENDSARS protest instead of engaging in meaningless chatter about Dave Umahi’s defection to APC as if there is any substantive difference between the two parties.

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