October 31, 2020

Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) formed as a branch of Nigeria police force in 1992, to tackle rising cases of armed robbery, kidnapping, illegal firearms, motor vehicle theft and cattle rustling has not served any meaningful purpose since its creation. Instead, what the government did was to give legitimacy to criminality of Nigeria police force that is the worst bandit than whoever it is meant to curb. It is not the thefts, extortion, rapes and harassment of the people on daily basis that left Nigerians worried, but the brazen, senseless and indiscriminate killings of Nigerian youths by the SARS operatives that terrified the nation. It was as though a nation is under a siege by the police department that employs any form of illegality to benefit themselves under the pretension of security services. These ills and impunity lingered to the point that the people spontaneously took to the street and demanded the end of SARS. On 11 October, 2020, a terrified, Nigerian rogue government announced SARS disbandment and a creation of Special Weapon And Tactics (SWAT) in place of SARS.

With the announcement, the protesters felt relieved but rejected SWAT, citing the move as a renaming of SARS which is just giving these criminals a new tag. Inasmuch as the efforts of these protesters is commendable; it simply will not change anything. The end of SARS is not the beginning of a new life in Nigeria. It is not the end of oppression of the people by the political elites. It might for a time being, ameliorate police brutality but will not solve the brutality of injustice in police department. Nothing will change if this protest fails to demand for real change in Nigeria. This is why I see what is going on as a flawed strategy.

This opportunity for protest may not happen again if we do not take advantage of this common voice to demand Sovereign national conference. This is the time to come to the table to divide Nigeria.  This is the time to sit down and bring out referendum to decide and peacefully accept separation in this country. We cannot keep deceiving ourselves as nation or a people when it is abundantly clear we cannot remain as a country. We need to force these rogues in power to bring out referendum; let referendum decide who wishes to remain and who wishes to part ways.

This protest shows that power belongs to the people and the rogues in government are scared of the masses. If they can end SARS by demand, they can come to the table by demand. We must not be afraid of anybody, or think of a conference for separation in Nigeria a big task. We are not pleading; it is just a demand, or the social unrest will continue.

We all know that Nigeria is not real and nothing is working. If we hope to achieve good result from this mass demonstration, we must demand for separation in Nigeria into three or four units: Biafra, Oduduwa, Arewa, Nigeria. Whoever thinks that there is a way to move Nigeria forward apart from separation, doesn’t understand the pivotal role of oneness in the making of a nation. Nigeria has lost oneness and togetherness as the foundation and unifying factors indispensable in a nation. We are all coexisting in mutual fears and suspicions, and we are pretending about it.

We have this chance to fix ourselves and we must not let the opportunity frizzle away. We must stop granting governors and elected officials an audience in this protest, for they are the oppressors. We must peaceful reject whatever offer they make, and we must stay on the street as long as it takes to get this demand. If we fail now, we haven’t achieved anything with the end of SARS protest in Nigeria!               

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