March 23, 2023


Political party in a democratic setting is one of the political organizations in a society that aims at controlling the government to advance its agenda which it believes will promote Justice, equity, peace,  safety, growth and development of a people in general. Every political party especially in United States is founded on a principle or ideology along political spectrum of liberal, conservative, moderate or progressive. These are ideologies that form political convictions that people promote as the deal that ensures good governance and what a government in their opinion should stand for.

Over the course of time, two political parties namely, Democratic Party and Republican Party became dominant political forces that absorbed other liberal and conservative ideologies. This is a smart move by groups with ideologies that couldn’t clench political victory but desire to implement their convictions. In order not to be left out, it is wise to get under any of these umbrellas and front a candidate to represent their ideology on either local, state or federal level. The goal is victory, by having one who will represent the interest of a group in an inclusive political process.

With this two dominant political parties it is as though it is a natural development that is liken to human constitution of body and soul. This functions as a healthy symbiotic order that prevents the ideological scale from tilting to extremity, and thereby, creates an unjust system where tyranny and oppression will drive a society to a cliff.

These two political parties like in body and soul can  function and hold a society together the way body and soul cooperate and produce radiations that sustain human life, only when they pursue their ideologies and convictions while promoting national interest and the good of the people. When each takes its lane, it invariably serves as a check on the other from the possibility of concentration on policies that will alienate the rest of the population, hence, orchestrating injustice and oppression that will lead to agitations and protests.  

Any time when any of these parties, Democratic or Republican, shifts from pursuance of their ideologies to idolization of a party figure, such a part has degenerated to a political gang. In such a defective state the political gang strives for only self-preservation and power by any means possible, even if it is outside an established norms and subversion of constitution of the republic. What matters is no longer what the party stands for, such as free market system, competitive capitalism, strong military, against same sex marriage, pro-life stance, low taxes and smaller government. The party has become an umbrella under which   amorphous herd of deplorable, chants praises of their crowned demagogue in show of false patriotism that is laden with seeds by which a country will go down.

The mob boss hijacks the party and runs it exactly like an organized crime syndicate. He demands royalty from supporters and close associates as a form of control and intimidation. He lives on lies, bullies real and imaginary opponents, and any defector is destroyed politically. He pretends as though he cares about the party principle whereas his primary goal is money and whatever it will take to remain in power and allow the flow of cash into his coffer.

This political gang leader is a fake human being which is glaring from his shambolic government, except for the supporters, some of whom are hoodwinked to believe he champions their political course and others, who simply follow him out of aversion for a different ideology upheld by a rival political party.  His misperception of political contest is obvious from his divisiveness, outright rejection and overly insinuation of nonparty members as noncitizens of the country. He incites supporters against critics, none supporters, media and political opponents. He hides under the cover of religiosity just to court the favor of a group with such interest. He displays and implements policies antithetical to religious principle and yet, the religious group sees nothing wrong with them. He destroys whatever he touches because he is not a leader but a gangster.

The existence of such a political demagoguery has the potential to destruction of a nation. He exacerbates the disunity amongst the people; enthrones oppression and injustice by pitching some people against others. He throws out misinformation, oblivious of the consequences of his utterances. Whatever serves his avarice is right and what is against it, even if it is a truth that could save thousands of lives, he will opt for his own vanity.

The danger with this political gang and the boss is that they create division that will ultimately collapse a nation. There is nothing wrong with disagreement amongst political parties along policy-lines. In fact, such disagreement leads to birth of healthy policies and implementation. What is scary is when a political party (gang) sees the other party and anyone who disagrees with its philosophy as enemies. This attitude leads to tussle for power grab at the expense of national security and required unity to stand together against foreign adversaries.

The easiest way for a house to fall is when it is divided. Any perception of political gang as a force for common good is delusional. The mob boss only creates totalitarianism for himself and cronies. These demagogues always come in every age. The last we know of is called Adolf Hitler of Germany, the leader of the Third Reich, January 1933 to May 1945.   

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