March 23, 2023

         What is going on folks? What actually is going on in the world today? It is as though a slumbering racial prejudice suddenly exploded in so many hearts, setting us against each other in open racial discriminations and attacks. In every city where races intermixed the atmosphere is always charged with race sensitivity, like two bitter enemies who encounter each other and are waiting for an opportunity to pounce and draw some blood. This is not an exaggeration; it is the current situation on ground in so many cities in many countries.

        Race And Racism In The Age Of Judgment, delved into this issue and examined racial prejudice with the eye of an Eagle. It looked into slave trade, colonization and blacks in plantation in North and South America. It explored the social factors and spiritual basis for today’s madness and racism. It situated the upsurge in the much questioned and easily ridiculed unfolding Divine judgment.

        This book is available in Kindle version for now. This means that you can have the book and read in your phone, Kindle, tablet and computer devices. To access the book, click on this link below:

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