March 23, 2023

One of the signs of human decadence in the world today is more conspicuous in marriage. This glorious, natural union that aimed at human edification is now debased to a sham union that love, which supposed to have led to the union, have completely disappeared with no traces. Studies now show the number of those opting out of the union annually is in the increase. And those who chose to weather the heat of the loveless co-habitation do so for the sake of children, or some other considerations. But looking at the basis upon which many climbed unto marriage, one can’t miss to recognize the seeds of failure from the start. The union which is meant to flower in radiant happiness is filled with anger, bitterness, sadness, hatred and regrets.

The disconnection to spiritual matter which not only led to our current vagabondage, invariably, manifests more on the choices we make and the attraction for these choices. Still, due to the level we have fallen, many can no longer understand the difference between “feeling of love,” and “true love.” It is noteworthy to state that the “feeling of love” originates from matter, while “true love” is of the spirit. Sadly, many marriages that now ended in unhappiness, had their roots in the “feeling of love.”

When appearance constitutes all the considerations for marriage, what actually is it expected to yield? A man or a woman who insist that his dream spouse must be of his faith affiliation, with a certain academic qualification, of a certain complexion, size, shape and height, may fall in love from feeling in love, when he found what he is looking for. A lady who is bored of being single wants to hookup in marriage so badly, that she is blind to an abuser, a swindler, who gives her marital nightmare. The ephemeral joy and false satisfaction from finding what I am looking for and getting married will quickly fizzle away, when the chips are down.

The Lord made it clear that true love that results in marriage is of the category that is made in heaven. When two complementary souls chose to unite in holy matrimony, it is a sure foundation to success. In this union a party found the other as an indispensable part of the whole, struggling always for what will benefit the other. Every nerve is deployed to protect the other, should dangers threaten, and joy and happiness is found on the face of the other, than in the accumulated wealth and bank savings.

Conjugal union which ordinarily is an expression of true love is reduced to an act meant exclusively to satisfy sensual cravings. That which ought to have been for a noble course in marriage now remains empty and naught. And because of nonexistence of true love in the marriage, the feeling of love draws parties apart in infidelity, as it seeks more flesh for satisfaction. What a woeful union when spouses take to infidelity? What a betrayal? What a shame to the sacredness of family and sanctity of such union?

This false love that is rooted in the externals is well recognized by the agents of darkness, to use women who are willing tools to dragged everything to the mud. The pictures of nude woman or those who barely clad the almost revealing bodies, dominate our media. Cinema and movie industries considered nudity as a catch for audience, and a mark of progressive civilization. A movie without nude scenes is considered uninteresting. What about the tabloids, internet and many erotic literatures that saw debasement of earthly womanhood the best action for commercial gain.

We are truly living in a very perilous time. This silent disquietude is surely, not a sign of good omen. Every part we examine our lives, it is all decay, putrefaction. It is clear that we are not ready to slow down. Our legs are on the gas, in this wagon, and we are heading straight, in full speed to our days of horror. Unfortunately, it is only this horror that can bring back the senses of those who will survive. We are standing at the threshold of that horrific time.

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