March 23, 2023

Anyone who saw the video of George Floyd’s murder by a white police officer in Minneapolis and was not outraged has nothing of humanity left in him. He is simply a murderer even though he has nothing to do with the incident physically, and will plead for mercy at his time of difficulties and shall receive none. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” Mathew 5:7.

This act of cold wickedness has sparked off anger all over the nation that protesters take to the street to vent their frustrations over entrenched systemic destruction of black lives. The frustration and outrage are not only about the murder that just took place, but also the culture of killing, injustice and denigration legalized to check and control the slaves who must be constantly reminded who they are.

The declaration in the human right article of independence in US constitution that, “all men are created equal,” does not apply and reflect the reality on ground when it comes to criminal justice system. Let’s not talk about the dark centuries of slavery, lynching and domination, but the post-slavery era that rolled till today. The blacks in America are a history of people constantly disfavored especially when it comes to policing. The black men are likely to be arrested for trivial and minor offenses than the white. And they are at the danger of being maliciously murdered just for opening their mouth to asked for the reason they are being arrested. This is why US penitentiaries record disproportionately high number of black incarcerations since the abolition of slavery.

Why are the black men being mistreated? What are the whites afraid of? One doesn’t need to look farther to know that the reason behind these unjust treatments lies on the color of the skin. Given the level of enlightenment in the world today, racism shows a deep level of unconsciousness and superficiality of a basic knowledge of human spirit. No wonder racism in any shape or form fills men with disgust and the perpetrator, perceived as a scumbag. It is a despicable and shameful act that burns every sense of justice. It drags what humanity represents to the filth and to the point of nausea.

Of course, oppressors are always in constant fear of the freedom of the oppressed lest they lose the undue privilege they enjoy with royal sauntering. They don’t like the rise of the black privilege, the education and political ascension that could spell doom to their mastership and control. They are afraid of getting back the same measure they served blacks, if the table should turn. They like the throne they perched on, and could kill to maintain it. And this killing is what is happening every single day in United States.

Still, I won’t fail to state here that nothing happens for nothing. The Divine laws which dispense justice in creation ensure that no one suffers unjustly. In our perception blacks are victims of injustice, but it is not so. What we consider as injustice is actually a redress of our previous misconducts incurred as debts in our present or previous earth lives. The cycle of karma runs along justice that maintains balance. Those who made themselves available to be used by dark karma currents, (in this case, the  murderers-cop) burdens themselves more by their wickedness. They simply opened accounts of karma that will run their cycle and close with the same or more terrible fate than they dished their victims, for justice and closure of their debts. This is the mess the earth is into which saw evil in the increase despite our civilization and enlightenment.  

In the coming new time, which is popularly referred to as THE THOUSAND-YEAR REIGN, the earth will be rid off all the disturbances including racism. It is the time when human life will assume the sanctity it deserved, and all races will live in peace and happiness in honor of God!   

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