March 23, 2023


         The existence of a society presupposes a social contract which is entered by the people. And considering the structure of a society, it is a contract between the leaders and the led. Naturally, order and contract will be maintained so long as each party kept their own side of the bargain. Where there is an infraction in the contract, there is bound to be loss of faith, dissidence and protest. It is surprising Nigeria has not had a nationwide protest for a while despite blatant subversion of this social contract. Nigeria/Biafra war was a clear response to a breach of contract, an infringement unacceptable by a people whose sense of reasoning and justice could not be smothered by any impulse of fear and cowardice.

        I am totally comfortable to defend Nnamdi Kanu’s rebellion but not the being himself which I could not have been in any position to do so, considering his spiritual side which I am highly limited to survey. For the much I have investigated, he is a repository of a collective grievances of a people whose social contract with Nigeria State was dishonored and neglected as though it is nonexistent. The force that propels Kanu’s agitations is a burning sense of justice which couldn’t allow him some peace until what is wrong is made right. This is a heroism which most of us generously lack and which had imbued him with audacity so preternaturally, that he knows not the meaning of fear nor willing to comport with conventional politeness until justice is restored.

         It is clear all of us are suffering under this burden of abuse of alliance which we never stopped groaning about, but because we are spineless to look power in the face and demand for compliance to the social pact, we developed inner shock-absorber to weather every shit thrown at us, as we engage in a rat race of scrambling over the miserly leftover of our commonwealth for livelihood. Yet, despite this shameless show of gutlessness, some of us take to social media to inveigh against Kanu’s protest technique as wrong and inappropriate. What a baloney? Who has ever fought with a pig and comes out unstained? Is pig analogy not an understatement in comparison with Nigeria? I have always remained resolute in my position: there is never a better way to protest against a system run by madmen!

         Kanu’s only weapon is sensitization, an effective arsenal that left the oppressors helpless and traumatized. Since we are so daft and sleepy not to comprehend our rights to a decent life, he came to arouse us from this socio-political delirium, while dangling paradise before our shiny eye-balls, as our own, if we stand with him in this struggle. What did Kanu want? He is always unequivocal: Justice, fairness, decent life that will restore status of human beings to not only Biafrans but also, all Nigeria citizens and populace. It is only unjust creatures who consider a demand for justice and fairness a crime. When these despicable creatures in uniform came and slaughtered some of us, there was an outcry against Kanu. Millions rose up against he who demanded justice for the people without a gun, a club or a cudgel? Hear their argument: he lured the frustrated hoi polio with Biafra unto their untimely death while nestled in a corner in London. Instead of blaming a killer of unarmed protesters, you deemed it reasonable to blame the victim? Therefore, in other not to be killed let injustice prevail? If this is your opinion, you are not worthy to be called a human being.

         Now listen! The plight and suffering of a people are a redress to previous misconducts. Even as we scream for a release on our jocular, we ought to admit we brought this situation upon ourselves. We are not a good people in our previous lives, judging from our seeming subjugation by a people (Fulani) whom we believed we are better than in all ramification. The laws of God which govern everything in life will never allow or met out punishment on innocent souls. Our life situations and incapacitation currently, which left us at the mercy of dark forces, had their origins from our past lives when we subjugated and mistreated our fellow human beings.  Until we realize that we supplied the threads from which our garments were sown, and turn a new leaf, the agitation for freedom will remain elusive. Something greater than Biafra is looming!

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