March 23, 2023

NIGERIA, A SOCIETY at the edge of a precipice will soon devolve into a total war, anarchy and a situation of humanitarian crisis beyond manageable proportion. The age-long rift between the North and the South seemed to have garnered momentum as the North saw the political power seizure, an opportunity to actualize the dream of a total conquest of Nigeria geographical space. The urgency of this conquest became more with the apparent vacuum on Nigeria presidential seat. The North who are predominantly Fulani ethnic nationality, and who had been wielding Nigeria political power since 2015, are terrified of loosing the opportunity of a total Nigeria domination, should their shenanigan with the presidential power seat becomes public.

Apparently, Aso rock is in disarray with the demise of Nigeria Chief of Staff Abba Kyari. Mohammadu Buhari who was elected in 2015, is either dead or in dotage, and secretly relegated to insignificance in Nigeria situation room of power engineering. Since 2017, no one has seen the real Buhari except a machinery impostor who is either Buhari’s doppelganger, supposedly imported from Sudan by Abba Kyari, or a Fulani who adorns himself with Buhari’s synthetic face mask who never addressed Nigerians nor engaged in a press briefing. Nigerians no longer hear from their president except photo-shopped pictures regularly splashed on our tv screens by government-controlled networks such as Channels tv and NTA. With the demise of Abba Kyari, the imported impostor vanished, leaving the Fulanis with only Buhari’s synthetic face mask. How long this deadly game will last is unknown, hence the need to enforce the scheme of Nigeria conquest.

From nowhere in the midst of Nigeria health crisis together with the national lockdown to contain the corona virus pandemic, the Fulani militias are secretly being transported in trucks and lorries to the Eastern hinterland that are predominantly Christians. They are moving in droves, mostly Fulani male urchins and fighters, within the age bracket of 15 and 35 to some secret locations in Southeast and South-south of Nigeria. The natural impulse is curiosity over this unusual migration of northern youths to the Eastern Nigeria. Are there employment opportunities in the Southeast or, a new Plant opened to afford employment to thousands of unskilled Almajirais? Who is sending these people down and why now and in secret?

What Biafrans cannot afford to do now is to sleep with both eyes shut. There should also be urgency on the part of all Easterners to organize and equip local vigilantes who would be sentinels for the communities. If it is possible to infiltrate these northerners or find a loose end amongst them to gather intelligence about their mission, schedules and other necessary information to outsmart these killers and save our lives, we must do it now. If we fail to prepare now for this apparent invasion of our lands, we will be ready to experience an unprecedented massacre of South-easterners very soon.

The common saying holds that, “if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck.”  

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