March 23, 2023

There are many who think that on the Judgement Day the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall resurrect physically and together with believers still on earth ascend to meet Lord in the sky.

This belief is not in conformity with the Laws of God!

The Laws will not permit earthly bodies that have been buried thousands of years ago to resurface and ascend to the skies. Neither can the physical bodies of those living on earth transform suddenly and ascend to Heaven. The natural happening is that at death, the human spirit leaves the body, passes over and ascends or descends in the beyond. The physical body on the other hand originates from the earth, was acquired by us from earth and must remain on earth after the departure of the soul.

What is really connected to the prophecies of the Day of Judgment is not the resurrection of all the dead, but resurrection of all that is dead inside of man! Contrary to the popular picture in our minds that the approximately 7 billion people in the world will one day line up day and night to be judged, the Holy Spirit Who is the World Judge will simply send out judgment rays from His Sword of Justice into the Universe! These rays of judgement then goes forth and strikes everything in Creation with unprecedented force. When these invisible rays fall upon the human soul, all his dormant qualities that have hitherto appeared to be dead will awaken and become strong. Whatever is hiding inside man will develop into thought and deed, so that according to its nature it will in manifesting judge itself. What is impure will be shattered and burnt up and what is pure will blossom and grow strong.

Whatever is slumbering in man will come to life! This is the true meaning of the resurrection of all that is dead and such is the manifestation of the World Judgment in its simple naturalness! We are witnessing unprecedented deeds of madness worldwide today because the majority of men have loads of poison slumbering inside them. The activities of terrorist groups, individual and group suicide bombings, widespread homosexuality/immorality and its endorsements by “advanced countries”, religious fanaticism, mind boggling corruption, ripping off easy going believers by sweet talking/ miracle peddling religious leaders and false prophets show precisely what we all have inside us. These will now come out in the ongoing judgement for us and all others to see! The current exposure of our inner self together with the accompanying natural catastrophes are the loud trumpets of the judgement!

Therefore, those who are impure within, who cling to evil and remain slaves to material things will be exposed by the Light of God and together with their wrongdoing will be swept into perdition!

Spiritual ascent is however possible for those human beings who long for the Kingdom of Heaven. Their longing and their obedience to the Holy Word of God makes them spiritually pure and light so that when they leave the flesh they will naturally ascend to the Beautiful Gardens of our God.

We must therefore deal with all that is within us and purify ourselves in thought, word and deed so that we will be among those who will be permitted to ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven!

By Sola Adeyegbe

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