March 23, 2023

Consistent with the promise made, the NewWorldHerald Publishing Company is an Organ established to explain the happenings at this time, that the World stands in the Judgement promised by God. This Organ will also announce events that are to happen on Earth in the different countries and continents.

Today I wish to explain what Corona Virus 19 is. It is a virus that has come as one of the diseases originating from the evil volitions of men. Basically, the volitions put into Creation by men return to them either to uplift or to put them down according to the measure of their contributions. This is the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

The Corona Virus arose out of the volition of Man that is inconsistent with the Will of God which is now returned to men so that the circle of its existence can close and the originators of the evil volition are judged, this means they experience the impact on themselves. When it is returned to men it becomes judgement on them and at the same time it expires. This means that it is no longer in Creation. It expires along with everyone who contributed to its existence. Those who contributed the least will experience proportionately. These are the ones who survive the attack of the virus. This is why the virus spreads all over the Earth.

Men without knowledge think that restricting people to their homes or preventing movement will prevent the spread of the virus. This is not so. Everyone who is guilty will receive his punishment proportionately. In other words, the virus follows the threads that linked it to each contributor.

More virulent viruses will come after Corona. So also will come terrible diseases resulting from men playing with their fate. This results from the destruction of the protective layer around the Earth. This zone existed to moderate the harmful Radiations from the Sun. Now emission from microwaves from cell phone technology has reduced the time it takes these harmful rays to reach the earth by half. Consequently they reach the human body with little attenuation. This will cause cancer of the skin. It will be more widespread and horrible, affecting almost every home on earth.

The the retributive Justice will Direct the cancer that will arise to those who are most active in promoting all of these technologies.

These diseases and viruses are pressures on the human beings on Earth to look up to God and His Will. They are acts of Love to correct man and put him on the path of the Will of God. Man is governed by the Divine Laws whether he knows it or not. He must know these laws and live by them if he wants the MERCY OF GOD.

But going by the attitude of men to the Corona virus they are heading in the wrong directions. Their thoughts are focused on intellectual solutions. Regardless of what effort they make, all solutions they device, the virus will carry out its Purification assignment because behind it stands the Will of God.

What men should do if they want to mitigate their just punishment is to love their neighbours. They should drop all acts of wickedness their desires to dominate. They should learn to look up to God and His Will. They must learn what the Willl of God is. If they do so many will still be saved. We are in the Holy Judgement of God Almighty. It is sad that men do not know that the earth is not their home!!

I already explained that the Holy Spirit, Imanuel, is already on Earth to carry out the concluding part of the World Judgement. It is the Force in Him that drives all open circles to closures. Man is either lifted upwards to the Light or is cast out along with the Darkness açcording to where he stands on the Scale of Equal Balance.

I know that various religious groupings have different ideas about how the World Judgement will come about. Some believe that they will face the judgement throne of God. They are correct to some extent. It is the judgement seat of Imanuel that is spoken of. It is not in their physical bodies that they will face Him. It is the spirit that matters in the Judgement of God. The physical body is merely a covering which can experience what is due on Earth. But everything transfers to the Spirit of Man because it is the Spirit that is actually living.

But those who think that Jesus will come and take them into Heaven or that they will be raptured are completely wrong. This statement arose from the wrong understanding of the Scripture which says two will be grinding at the Millstone one will be taken and one will be left. (Matthew 24:34-42) This only means that the fact that you are of the same profession does not mean that you are equally worthy spiritually. This you can even verify to be true physically.

Others believe that Jesus will come again. This is true in the sense that Jesus and the Holy Spirit work together. But functionally Jesus does not judge the World. Judgement is a function belonging to the Holy Spirit. However, Jesus the Love of God, is always watchful so as to extend Mercy to the deserving even at the point of Judgement.


Lord have mercy. Amen.

Senator Victor Kassim Isa Oyofo
14:08; 28.04.2020

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