March 23, 2023

Anyone who does not know how to drive an automobile and jumped behind a steering puts himself at risk and others. He could get hurt or even lose his life. This is why the knowledge and basic techniques are fundamental for safe driving. In the same vein, whoever does not know the laws that govern creation is not only bound to infringe upon them, but spends his whole life in self-torment and suffering over situations and conditions that toss him around in utter bewilderment. He fights, quarrels and complaints about his life situation and sometime take it a bit far by taking his own life. In the absence of knowledge, what we have adopted to make us feel good is to find someone or something to blame our predicaments and situations. It must be anything but ourselves that is responsible for these terrible plights.

This is not only peculiar to Nigerians with her phony government that seemed to have brought untold hardship on the people, but also humanity in general. We spend our lives complaining about virtually everything. It is my husband or my wife who is making my life a hell on earth. Some will be convinced that it is their parents, boyfriend or their bosses, and others will see their jobs, cars or their neighbors the real problem in their lives. Whenever situation is not right, someone or something is the cause and is to be blamed. It is the Nigeria government that is responsible for our misery and suffering. Another person from one corner will be heard howling that it is the State governor who made his life unbearable.

What a sad picture these state of affairs present? If life were to be the way it appears, the wisdom and omniscience attributed to God could have meant nothing. But God is great! The greatness manifests more in His laws that do not allow anyone to suffer for what he is not responsible for. It doesn’t matter if the suffering comes individually, among a family or a nation collectively. Everyone sits with is butt. We are all responsible for our situations and conditions of life. To put this beautifully: “we are the ones who supplied the threads from which our garments are made from the loom of life.”

Our quibbling about this truth cannot change anything. It doesn’t matter if you are not aware when you gave cause to your present predicament. What you must be rest assured is that no one else but you who created the hardship, pains and suffering that are about to suffocate you. These are consequences of the choice we made in our previous actions. These actions could have been in this present earth life or in the previous ones. As long as a soul is burdened by guilt and it is not redeemed, the guilt is attached to the soul whether he is in physical body or ethereal body as a denizen of the beyond. When a soul reincarnates, the unredeemed guilt comes with it and must be atoned. We make choices including the family to reincarnate, who become our parents and the names we bear.

Nothing! Absolutely nothing is accident to us! The world is in such a mess because this basic knowledge is lacking. Even the leaders of the world are wallowing in ignorance and are trapped in the same mess like every other person. United States are blaming Iran and India considered Pakistan as her problem. Everywhere it is chaos and ignorance, and a continued culture of committing errors that will pile up while waiting for further redemptions. 

If we desire to have a good life, we must stop sowing evil seeds. We cannot sow rice and harvest yam. We cannot lie, cheat, kill or hate and expect love, peace and life free from encumbrances? The laws of creation will not allow an innocent man to suffer for the guilt of another. If it were to be possible, then God is not just and fair. It is written, “What a man sows, that he shall reap!”

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