March 23, 2023

This is one of the most misconstrued subjects amongst believers today. As it is, there is so much ignorance surrounding this to the point that it has become harmful from every vantage point. The best way to illustrate this is to imagine someone fighting a battle against an invisible enemy. Such a person definitely stands no chance because his blows are struck without a target, and the target hovers around while dealing decisive blows on him until he is crushed. The most frightening thing to those in power is when they have no idea where the enemies are. This is why the 5th columnist is the deadliest foe to contend with. The 5th columnist is the best way to describe what an Antichrist is and symbolizes to humanity today.

There are so many fantasies and conjectures meant to portray an antichrist, but the most commonly held idea is that such a person or a thing is against Christ by the virtue of the idiosyncrasy. This is to say that truth is clothed with falsehood that it became unrecognizable. It is necessary to disrobe this falsehood and extract the radiant truth from it. Without truth there will be no progress and thus, we shall be threshing empty straws.

In other to give a meaningful explanation of Antichrist, we must understand what original sin is. Many of us have not thought beyond the eating of the tree of knowledge as the original sin which is the fall of man. As soon as our thoughts flash on this subject we move on without any effort to understand what actually happened. The subject is taken that no one knows and no one will ever know. It is a mystery that must be left alone. 

Through the love of God we are meant to know that eating of the tree of knowledge which resulted to the fall of man is the over cultivation of human intellect. Man is bequeathed with two faculties for his wandering in post creation: intellect and intuition, or Cain and Abel if you prefer the bible terminologies. Of course, I will not go into the question of Adam and Eve as most of us already know that there is no single person called Adam or a lady called Eve. Adam simply means Man and Eve means Woman.

 The two faculties are of great importance to man’s subsistence and development in post creation. Intuition is meant to rule and lead the intellect. Invariably, the intellect is only to follow the lead and direction of the intuition. This is to say that if there must be a progress the horse must precede the cart. In this case, instead of man to maintain the balance and order in his development, he was mislead by Lucifer, who originally was an Archangel of Light, send to guide mankind in their early stage of development. Intellect whose work it is to manage the gross matter had finally become a hindrance to intuition that draws from the purest source, the spiritual and thereby left man in eternal groping to finding himself.

The fall of man became over cultivation of the intellect to the suppression of intuitive faculty. This is what is meant to eat from the tree of knowledge. Man relied on the intellect with its limited capacity to guide him on earth. Therefore the intellect became the leader, and the consequences are evident from how life on earth had turned out. This happened through the enticement of principle of temptation offered by Lucifer, a principle that is devoid of love. Following this principle, man wandered astray. Today, man had over-developed his intellect that his tool has become the master. It is clear man is being controlled by his intellect when he supposed to be the one in charge. He can hardly hear the gentle promptings of his intuition anymore because the position has been usurped by the intellect. An impostor is sitting on the throne!  

When we talk about Antichrist, there is no other person who is an Antichrist than Lucifer. He is the one who is doing everything possible to destroy the work of Christ and all who follow him. He wishes to destroy the entire humanity out of spite for Christ and God. He is the one who stirred men until we murdered Christ. He is the one hiding behind human intellect and as it is today almost the entire humanity is under his bondage. The intellect is the tool which he has nurtured very well to the extent that its disproportionate development is the hereditary sin that manifest with newborn coming to life with disproportionate brains sizes.

The Antichrist is the Lucifer hiding behind human intellect which is antagonistic to anything and everything that is of the light. Every evil originates from there: hatred, envy, murder, robbery, covetousness, false witness, anger, adultery, oppression and every act of darkness. With all these coming from the intellect that stands to oppose the truth and goodness in everywhere due to its wrong development, it is clear that Lucifer whose hands is on the intellect cannot be separated or distinguished from the intellect. Without the nature of human intellect today, we cannot be talking about Antichrist.   

The argument of those who think they can shut down the truth is to consider this sneak peak of explanation of the happening nonsensical. That it is absurd to think that intellect is the seat of Antichrist! The truth is that a snake this is hiding under a leaf lunges at the hand that uncovers it. No attack on truth will ever change it. The intellect cannot access anything beyond the realm of matter; this is to say spiritual things are outside its range of compass. Intuition is the faculty that reaches beyond material world.

So, whoever is waiting for a man of evil to appear on the earthly scene should wake up from such fantasy! The Antichrist you are waiting for has already raised its ugly head before the judgment! It is there in our head, pushing and messing our life up. It is what will drag some to come to my turf to castigate what they don’t understand. Where Antichrist is hiding is where you can never think of searching! This is why I described Antichrist as the 5th columnist!

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