May 14, 2021

Easter! On this day, believers all over the world celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from death. Tradition holds that Mary Magdalene and few apostles went to the tomb where the remains of Jesus was interred and couldn’t find him. With this written account the conclusion was drawn that Jesus Christ resurrected with his physical body. Since the remains of our Lord was not found in the tomb, what else could have happened if not that Jesus Christ put up the greatest magical stunt by rising from the dead. He rose physically and then spirited out of the tomb that he evaded the notice of the guards on duty?

Let me say this before I continue: we are now living in a time when all the errors and falsehood in the traditions will fall away and disappear. This is the time the light of truth with its radiant luminosity will be directed to every crevices of deceit and pseudo knowledge. All reflections I write on the truth came from the work, “In the Light of truth” THE GRAIL MESSAGE by Abdruschin. This is the last lifebelt offered to mankind for his salvation, and whoever would out of hearsay or prejudice reject what God has offered through His son has rejected life. If you make this about me and dismiss something you have not personally examined, all you should do is to wait. I guaranteed that you will surely see ‘the too late.”

There is no doubt that the stories about our salvation which were stuffed down our throat are full of errors and untruth including Easter. Those who were the chroniclers of the article of faith took Easter story and twisted it to serve the purpose that would absolve man of wrongdoing after committing a horrendous crime against the Son of God. The bible scholars who were proponents of this story that the death on the cross was a propitiatory sacrifice are always ready for explanations when pressed for logic and sound reasoning.

No wonder in other to justify this crime and make us feel good, the story that Christ resurrected with his physical body became the deal breaker. It is a pedestal upon which to hoist this false narrative and twist wrongdoing, garbed in mysticism and faith. This is why anyone who dares to question the plausibility of such unbelievable narrative receives nothing substantial. And the only way to covered up the apparent gap in the teaching is to enshroud the truth with tiny cloak of divine mysticism which is claimed to be beyond human comprehension. Agreed!

But God is perfect! Perfection means immutability from eternity unto eternity. In perfection there are no exceptions whatsoever. As God is perfect so are His laws which also manifest as natural laws. In recognition of the immutability of divine laws, Christ said: “I came to fulfill the laws of my father and not to over thrown them.” In other words, even with Christ, subversion of divine laws cannot be possible. If any teaching fails to acknowledge God and His laws as perfect, and continues to ascribe mutability and imperfection to them, it shows the foundation is false.

If a teaching holds that Christ resurrected with his physical body, it invariably follows that he ascended to heaven with his physical body? The gross matter and ethereal matter cannot ascend to heaven because the natural laws make it impossible. They are two different consistencies. Gross mater is subject to disintegration; it is only the spirit, the core of man which is of the same essence as heaven, ascends. How we were able to be convinced that Jesus Christ resurrected with is physical body only because the tomb was empty and no remains were found, is baffling. Instead of accepting such absurdity; it will be safer to conclude that some piece of information is missing in the narrative. Since the story doesn’t align with right reason, it must not be taken as a gospel no matter whose mouth from where is escaped!

It is only religion that is capable of converting a logic professor to a man on the street. No wonder one of the most thriving industries in the world today is religion. We are compelled to leave our brains at home whenever we come together to worship God hopefully and open our minds for garbage oozing out from the throat of uninformed ministers. Spiritual matter that ought to require serious consideration before acceptance is not given attention at all, but is swallowed in a hurry because it is believed by the majority?

If you can prove to me that Jesus Christ with his physical body ascended to heaven, I will agree with you that Jesus Christ rose with is his physical body from death! If you cannot do this, it is time to leave errors behind and embrace the truth that refreshes! Happy Easter to you all and glory be to God in the highest! Amen!

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