March 23, 2023

The legend that is weaved around the mission of Jesus Christ up to his crucifixion is probably an attempt at portraying him as God. This attempt that is not necessary (for Jesus Christ is the Son of God and one with the Father) even led his followers to introduce errors that ended up beclouding the entire mission that everyone with clear thinking  will be baffled what mankind believed up till now. And for some believers, these errors formed the foundation of their sacred faith that if a brick from this false foundation is removed, the entire edifice will come crashing down. This is the more reason attacks and hate is directed at anyone who dares to touch a brick of this foundation. But it is necessary even if it will lead to disquietude and anger to let the light illuminates the falsehood that was taken as inviolable truth till date.

For the sake of man Jesus Christ came, suffered and died on the cross. This is true in every sense because entangled in darkness and groping for a way out while still sinking; man no longer was able to help himself out. Only light can pierce darkness that enfolded humanity at the time and rescue man from being lost entirely. This made the love of God in Jesus Christ to come down to save us by showing the way with his teachings and life. Thus, the path out of darkness which we couldn’t find was hewed, making it possible for us to attain forgiveness by treading this path of salvation.

Because of our sins Jesus Christ came and died? Many who heard this statement immediately concluded that the fate and mission of Jesus was of a sacrificial death. That it is approved by God that His beloved Son would die an agonizing death on the cross and with his blood wash away our sins? How could that be possible? What did Jesus Christ do to be condemned to die? Was mankind not the one that committed sin, the one that is guilty and Jesus the innocent one? Where is a court that will condemn the innocent person to death and set the guilty free without an outcry of injustice on the streets?

Jesus Christ did not come to be killed but when faced with the option of standing for the message of truth he brought, or abandon it and run in the face of death, He stood his ground. Had he abandoned his teachings on the threat of death, Jesus couldn’t have accomplished his mission. But he didn’t flinch and so used his blood to seal his teachings that man could see the value that lies therein. He has to take this path of arduous suffering, no matter how painful, to bring the message of salvation to mankind. With the immutability that lies in the perfection of God, it is impossible that He approved the death of His Son because He gave us the commandment: “Thou shall not kill.”

And with his blood he washed away our sins? Really? From where could this presumption originate if not in human conceit? How man could have a high opinion of himself that Jesus would die and wash away his sins with his blood is baffling. Away with this error for not one sin of yours was remitted with the blood of Jesus. The laws states: “what a man sows, that he shall reap.” What lesson did you get out of the parable of the wicked husbandmen? Mathew 21: 33-46.

 Jesus shed his blood as a testament to the truth he brought to mankind. If Jesus death and blood were so necessary for our redemption why was he not slaughtered as an infant when Herod came looking for him? Is His blood as an infant different from adult? Don’t come and tell us that salvation is a mystery we can’t understand because the lies you have woven around a simple happening cannot stand the test of logic. No one and not even Jesus have the power to wash away a particle of sin with blood. We can attain forgiveness of our sins by following the path he laid for our salvation. Was Jesus to wash away our sins with his blood, he has to upturn the divine laws.

As we commemorate Holy Thursday when Jesus delivered the greatest admonition to his associates with the last meal, strive to understand your redeemer!

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