March 23, 2023

As mankind battle globally for survival against the deadly plague that claims thousands of lives each passing day, who will be surprised at such abysmal attempt in the containment, despite the supposed level of human sophistication and science? If this is the first time humanity is confronted with a disease pandemic, the collateral damage that is currently being suffered will be excusable. Unfortunately, this is not even the second time, for deadly plague has trailed humanity all along and smeared every history page with blood and death. It is indubitable that something is wrong, and because of this, the cost we are made to pay is staggering.

A cursory look at the recent history of pandemic, exposed man’s vulnerability and incapacitation in the face of a plague! In 1889-1890 flu pandemic claimed about a million lives. Spanish flu had about 500 million people struggled for their lives and one-fifth of them died. Asian flu of 1957-1958 took more than a million lives. Swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010 snatched away about 575,400 people, and Ebola of 2014-2016 made about 11,325 victims. In all these, mankind have not learnt any lesson nor made concerted effort at finding out why disease and plague ravage the earth every now and then.

The deadliest virus ever to have attacked humanity is not flu but man’s ignorance of himself. Modern man doesn’t know himself anymore and the way he has comported himself so far is nothing less than prodigal. With his intellect which has become a burden to him, man still lumbers around in pride as a ruler of the earth, when in reality he doesn’t measure up to a slave, given the way he has conducted his affairs. The unfortunate aspect is that some who claimed to be disciples of science will laugh at the truth they don’t understand instead of investigate. With such conceit mankind followed them on their path that does nothing but leaves tails of pains, suffering and death.

Where mankind missed the mark is in the lack of the knowledge of spiritual laws. The foundation upon which we could have built our lives was missing; hence, we live as though we depend on chance or at the mercy of fate. The ignorance of this vital spiritual knowledge was a collateral damage and has consequences on how we shaped our world in assigning precedence to things that don’t contribute anything to human growth and development.

It is obvious the foundation of disease and plague lie in our evil actions against one another. In other words, if there is no evil on earth, there will not be disease. Wherever there is imbalance, there is always a health crisis. The spiritual law requires that man live in love and harmony with one another. Where love and harmony are lacking, there is an imbalance and disease is a struggle for the restoration of balance. For instance, a healthy body is as a result of proper functioning and a balance in the body system. Where there is lack or excess of any of the body system, crisis sets in. In the same vein, where evil thrive, disease reigns.

Spiritual knowledge could have saved us from ourselves and compelled us to give priorities to programs that contribute to human welfare instead of lavishing resources in meaningless projects. Since man has set off disease through his misconduct, he could still have been in a position to mitigate the damage had he given priority to reason and helpful projects.  Any sound thinking person will be appalled by the amount of monies circulating in sporting games. What else if not vanity and stupidity would make men to stake millions of dollars for two barbarians in a boxing ring attempting to maim each other, while doctors in the medical lab and research institutes hardly had enough to complete their project?

No one is against recreation, but to consider sports as a very important aspect of human live to the extent of flooding millions of dollars in soccer games, basketball, NASCA, golf; wrestling, gambling etc. speak of humanity with misplaced priority? Now the world is looking for a messiah for corona virus and none of the sports men with millions of dollars in their personal accounts could render any help. Before corona virus sent everybody hiding indoors, some folk will think that their lives are meaningless without sports. With this pandemic, it is clear that sports doesn’t really matter or grouping yourselves as Man-U fan; but staying alive and be able to breathe is a priceless value.

The very time humanity moved away from their lane, their gaze is fixed only on vanity. It is vanity that brought destructions upon us. It is clear we may net recover from this again!

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