March 23, 2023

The presence of misinformation amongst Africans today is more virulent than corona virus, and millions are likely to lose their lives on account of this. African continent is no doubt a breeding ground of superstition, ignorance and illiteracy. It is a world where reason is supplanted for emotion and sentiment. With this ongoing worldwide pandemic that is threatening to bring humanity to her knees, the danger it posed to Africans seemed very dire. The truth is that no one will help Africans except Africans. It is either we donned a thinking cap or we go in mass to the shoal to be remembered as a generation that undermined great scientific warnings to their perils.

There is no one in the world today that is not aware of corona virus pandemic that is claiming lives every hour on earth. And giving the number of death recorded, it is obvious that this is plague that must not be toiled with. Despite this clarity about the danger corona virus posed, many Africans have already begun to conjure up some unbelievable narratives that are likely to leave them porous and vulnerable. If there is any disease we can play with, it is not this monstrous plague. This is not a joke we can entertain with impunity. Any slightest subversion of the precaution will compromise lives, if not result to fatalities.

Ever before corona virus became news in January 2020, some Africans had begun to tout their natural immunity against the virus. It became widespread that Africans and their skin linings together with some mysterious genetic composition are fortified against onslaught of corona virus. The scientific laboratory where these findings originated no one knows. Soon when Africans began to fall victims, we all found out that labs that gave rise to that superstition are call streets and motor parks. What these street and motor park labs still produce haven’t stopped despite continuous refutation by facts and reality.

What is very frightening as the virus makes its way to African nations is the very clear ineptitude of African country to manage the pandemic. This fear was expressed by Bill Gates, some years ago as he pictured African government to be ill equipped in technology and healthcare services. Looking at the very set up, one would simply conclude that the battle of this pandemic is already lost by African nations, even before it began. This is not my prayers or I won’t try to give my tiny voice to the awareness of danger that is lurking on our shores. In line with John Donne, I added my voice: “for every human soul lost, I am diminished.”  

In many African nations human life is far from sanctity which is caused by incurable plague of corruption. With corruption at the base of most African governments, who is blind not to see the calamity that is looming?  Who cannot figure out the trajectory of ruins that will follow the trails of corona virus? The truth is that Africans will not only be impeded by jokes they called government but by their beliefs and superstition. In other words, the assaults in this ongoing war will come from both front and back in a systemic checkmate that will leave our lands desolate, ruined and wasteland.

I wish that this dream will simply vanish but the truth is that it is not a dream but a reality. A government that cannot provide a basic life necessity to the people, in my opinion, doesn’t stand a chance of contending successfully against this mother of all killer disease. Still, with the little effort the so-called governments will be making, the people will rather listen to their pastors against World Health Organization (WHO) directives. All I am saying is that most religious Africans are brainwashed to listen to their pastors against the necessary precaution to remaining safe from the virus.  They will be told to gather in the church against social distancing because God is greater that corona virus.

Some hardcore traditionalists will throw caution to the winds in the belief that their gods will protected them from the disease. The stunning one is that many are circulating online some herbal remedies meant to cure corona virus, and some credulous ones are buying this garbage that have never been tested or proven. How about the culture of hygiene that cannot be associated with some African neighborhoods and lifestyles? What about the problem of water shortage in some African communities? The idea that Ebola disease was effectively managed in Africa and therefore corona virus will not pose a problem is the height of delusion and misinformation too dangerous to peddle. It is confirmed that corona virus is not only contagion but also an airborne disease that could last for eight hours in the air before dissipation. Does the rapid widespread of this plague shows no hint that something more heinous is stocking the earth?

The only hope I think African can escape the devastation that is looming is by the help of international communities. Unfortunately, the international communities are being bruised, pummeled and hammered by the same terror disease. They are still reeling from the pains and are struggling to remain afloat. So, it is all men for themselves, and if we cannot square up to this fight effectively in Africa, we may not have the words to describe the horror that will reign over the continent in few months. We must listen and follow the guideline from the expert and forget about what any charlatan tries to serve us. Most of All, do not forget to pray always for God’s protection this time. What is happening is part of divine judgment, in case you are confused of where this plague emanated.    

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