May 14, 2021

We have waited for a long time to set the wheel of end time trumpet rolling. we are glad that the time is now. This is the time to sound the trumpet that our age is about to end and give way for a new golden age of Imanuel to hoist.

This unique site will have the honor from now onward to unload all the messages of enlightenment to the readers. it is not for nothing that this site is called end time trumpet. It was deliberately designed to come to the consciousness of the time we are living in.

We shall be updating our post every other day with stunning truths that were buried by dogmas, false teachings and human obstinacy. We shall unearth as much as we can to start from now to get us prepared who are willing and ready to live in the coming new age.

All our messages and information will be coming from the work; IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, The Grail Message of 1931 Grand Edition by Abdruschin.

We implore you to subscribe to our site and be prepared for the shocking revelations that will upset our traditional beliefs and assumption.

Do not give up curiosity…Find out what the next post is!

Thank you


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