May 14, 2021


Like seeds in a sower’s palm
Gathered from the soul of life
these sparkled spirits in radiant calm
Soared downwards into matter of West Coast Alps

In time apt for the unknown laws
A SASCO generation wakes like a roseate glow
Though puny, sinewy with traits of lords
We glimmered as in virgin snow

Many were the colors of the battle dress
weaved in precision of the ingenious elementals
One was out in special lace
the Anthony Ebunoha tag

In this fiercest quiet battle
Tony waded the turbulence unruffled
wielding the sword of pen artfully
won unspoken great penmanship

Yes! To the beyond you now live!
And feigned dead to us the living dead
Part of us you took as you eased
journeyed to our destined end

I hear the echoes of your beloved
Geroge Ezenachukwu wailed
Victor Uzor mourned
Maamah refused not to grieve.


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