March 23, 2023

It is no news that we are living in an unprecedented times. For majority of mankind who are still spiritually asleep, these ugly events in our days do not mean anything. It is simply considered as usual events that are always associated with being human. If news from the East comes that wildfire is destroying lives and property or, flood has submerged a residence in the the West, or hurricane has devastated an Island in the North or, in the South war is leaving unbelievable carnage, we brush it aside and get on with our daily activities. Even to spear few minutes to reflect on this sordid events, most of us cannot or rather , are incapable of. When I try to focus on these disasters with a friend, he will reply dismissively, “all these things have happened in the past. There is nothing new about these mass death. It is a fact of life we all have to deal with.”

There is no doubt that mankind have had ugly past such as mass death, war, famine, natural disaster etc. But what made what is happening today different and should constitute a worry to everyone is the frequency of the occurrence. Ugly things are happening today in rapid and uncanny succession. And not only that disasters are happening back to back, many varieties of disasters are happening at the same time. Every curious mind must ask, WHY?

When we look at the world events today, it will be hard to deny the fact that the end time prophesies in the sacred writings are what we are experiencing on daily basis. It is said that in the end times love among men will grow cold. There will be wars and rumors of wars; mankind will be plagued with hardship, hunger, disease and hopelessness. Men will be the lovers of themselves and hatred will multiply. All these things are here with us and yet, majority of us have no idea that we at standing at a divine judgment.

Look at the rate of suicide in the world today. When I was growing up seldom do we hear that someone committed suicide. Someone told me that the awareness of all these is due to social media influence. There is no doubt that social media helped. We in those days still have ears and we hear things. In those day I felt love in my neighborhood. we sleep over in our neighbors houses and mingle freely. But today everybody is afraid of everybody. People are overburden with troubles of life and hardship and hopelessness had driven many to suicide.

There is political tension in every nation, families are torn apart over silly disagreements, natural disasters are pummeling a section of humanity with fury, economic strife, everywhere and war is raging in some regions. when all these thing are happening at the same time, something catastrophic is definitely brewing. All these things are no doubt the harbingers of an impending apocalypse!

This means that the bridegroom is around, and happy are those who will make haste to garb themselves with garment of purity of their souls to meet HIM!

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