March 23, 2023

This is one of the passages in the Bible that has suffered gross misunderstanding and thus, set the supposed faithful Christians in errors of false anticipation and hope. This errors crept in either from out of translation or, sheer interpolation by the original writers of the scripture who stated that “all those who are dead shall resurrect….” With this statement that referred to resurrection of the faithful human beings who are dead, there came the invention of rapture. Today, Christians set their hope in the magic of rapture where they will grow wings overnight, and all their brethren who shared their weird beliefs will break the tombs or rise from the bowel of the seas to fly up to meet Jesus Christ in the air . That many doctors of the Church and intellectuals see nothing wrong with this belief explains the depth of damage religious beliefs have done to the human mind that is not keen to examine teachings that are being offered.

The true Message is: “all that is dead shall resurrect and pass judgement unto itself…” This is a statement made in connection with the events of the last judgement. And this specifically referred to human deeds; the actions of each one of us shall be brought to light for what it is. Whatever that is slumbering in us, our true behaviors and characters which we do not exhibit due to some earthly circumstances will be forcefully made manifest.

Interestingly, we are living at that prophetic times when the Divine light will activate and trigger the unveiling of human actions. For instance, a thief who happens to reincarnate into circumstances of plenty and riches and who has no shown his character due to aforementioned circumstance will be placed where his criminal character will be exposed.

Many of us are wondering how 80 Nigerians who some of them left Nigeria to United States due to bad governance and economic hardship would choose to perpatrate fraud, rob fellow humans of their lifesaving in a clime where they could prosper with hardwork.? How could people be so stupid like that? These folks not only ruin their lives but their families as well. The truth is that these people are criminals even if you put them on earthly paradise. This is the actions of the pressure of Divine light where hidden human identities are forced out to be judged.

It is now left for all of us to be aware of this process that is rolling. If you are a good man, the good would found means of expression and thus, you will be uplift and protected. But if you are a bad person: a fake pastor, a cheat, criminal, prostitute, pedophile, maid abuser, a murderer, a lair, fake drug and product importer etc, you will be exposed very soon. There is no hiding place anymore. The judgment is set and the earth will be purified of every dross and disturbances.

So, before you set out on another business not crime, know that the Divine light is on you!

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