May 14, 2021
                                                       FEMINISM VERSUS WOMANHOOD
Feminism as an ideology of social, political and cultural movement which aimed at promoting gender equality has become since the inception of this century a burning issue within academic forums and equally, amongst well-meaning social commentators. It seeks to establish and achieve political, personal, economic and social right for women. It demands a change in this male-dominated society where female are unjustly treated, robbed and denial opportunity based on gender. Since a female can accomplish tasks that are usually assigned to a male counterpart, what is the need of denying her the opportunity? Is this not an injustice? Why should civilized society tolerate this kind of unfairness? Is it not time for society to wake up from this delirium that is utterly baseless?
The fact is that whoever seeks to deny the fact that female gender has for a very long time now being mistreated and denied of equal right with male gender in human society, is simply out of touch. No matter the society or culture one wishes to examine or a part of the world that interests one, the evidence of this abound. Where in African society that a female shares rights with a male or considered to be of equal value? How about in the West where women were denied voting rights for so many decades? The inequality in salaries of both genders in the same job today and the denial of some job positions in this so-called civilized world speak more of this discrimination. We won’t even dare to cast our glances in the Middle Eastern countries where religion not only served to cut off women’s right but also had become a platform for subjugation and varied crimes against women.
There is every reason to believe that male gender dominates the world of today and a male child is treasured more than a female one. It is no way overreaching to believe that most newly married couples who wish to form a family desire a male child. The one child China policy, where female fetus abortion was rampant and where the birth of a female child was considered an ill-luck lend credence to this fact. Because this is the reality of our time, expectant mothers crave for a male child and are not as much elated with a female child as with a male one. The general believe is that a male child has more opportunity in the society than a female one and no parents want a limited opportunity for a child. Since the criterion for selection doesn’t lie on the competence and ability, but on the narrow view of the gender of a person, everybody unconsciously adopted this view to the disadvantage of a female gender.  
The feminists are tired and done with this lack of equal opportunities for women. They demand for gender abolishment in the society where every human person will be treated equally with dignity and fairness. They demand equal opportunity for wages and pay, political offices, rights to equal job positions, to ownership of property, inheritance, to education, rights within marriage, maternity leave, to autonomy and integrity. The feminists want liberation of every gender role restraining hooks and mistreatment of women. They want free access to contraceptives and abortion since such fall within the domain of female right and choice. They want the end of child marriage, female genital mutilation and rape as well as sex slavery.
          Feminists believe that gender role is an aberration, a systemic measure aimed at denigration of woman to create a false sense of superiority of a gender identity. The view is that the world will be a better place if male and female are treated equal, allowed a healthy competition where professionalism, creativity, talent, ability and hard work determine a reward and serve as a basis for human assessment. They don’t want women to be relegated to background, made to assume insignificant roles where their voices are drowned in the coarse male voices of undue advantage. Also, in their view the world has come of age where the spirit of progressivism ought to spur changes and do away with anachronistic practices of unenlightened times.
What concerns most thinking men is the general idea of feminism in a world that is messed up by man. Do feminists actually understand full well what they are asking for? Or, is it the injustice on some aspect of women’s right what spurred the reason for advocacy of gender role abolishment? There is no doubt that there is something fundamentally wrong with human development given the way man had evolved. The way human society had functioned for millennia showed that man had actually derailed from a right path and as such, formed a world from out of groping, where healthy social and political balance are gravely lacking. However, the truth is that we are living in a purely dysfunctional world where almost everything healthy had being perverted, dragged to the mud and made to work with no hope of achieving a balance and promoting peace.
The problem is not with the feminist agenda but with  feminists themselves. Just as everything had been soiled, women happened to be the ones that spearheaded the downfall. This is not to excuse injustice, for there is no justification for it whatsoever. It doesn’t matter where it is directed or who is the recipient. Evil is evil.  But when feminists call for gender equality, seeking to abolish all gender roles to ensconce women in the supposedly male gender thrones as equal pairs, it shows that earthly woman has no inkling of who she is. And this is just the reason she is reaching out and feeling unjustly treated in some areas where she doesn’t suppose to grumble.
It is not surprising that this desire to erase gender roles had pushed women to undermine their own place in life. They have decided to adopt masculinity in every little chance they get. The modern woman wears trousers, smokes cigarette, and engages in boxing, cage fighting, weightlifting, bodybuilding games. She wants to be heard in the public, take up a fight to prove to the world that she is not a weak sex as she is erroneously regarded. She doesn’t want to be a woman; she want to be a man and now as the drama keep unfolding, a modern woman had taken the step further by taking wife. A woman now marries a woman, assumes the role of a man, and shouts to the world that it is her fundamental human right. What else do feminists want?
In truth, this feminist ideology could be likened to a Princess and her gate-man. A Princess who ought to roam around the palace in fanciful regalia and enjoy the services and aesthetics of her home became envious of the gate-man simply because he has the luxury of looking outside. He held a meeting with his gate-man and informed him of her desire to become like him. The gate-man told her that there is no need, and that as a gate-man he cannot relinquish his position since he was born to be a gate-man. Moreover, he added, that the beautiful and delicate nature doesn’t fit the rough work of gate keeping. The Princess wasn’t convinced at all, and so went inside the house and disrobed herself, took spears and arrow and joined the gate man outside the palace. Since no one lives in the palace anymore, rodents and deadly creepers infested the home.  Any day the Princess decides to go into the home, she is likely to lose the knowledge of her path around the palace. She will be a total stranger who is at the mercy of unfamiliar dangerous creepers.
But what a Princess and a queen a woman is without knowing it? Who told feminists that gender role is a form of denigration of womanhood? How could a woman fail to recognize herself as the most powerful of the genders? In asking for gender role abolishment, does she not realize that she is doing a disservice to herself? Is she ignorant that by so doing, she is stepping down from a throne where she rules as a queen of creation?  In truth, a woman occupies a lofty place in creation due to her delicate intuition which gave her an edge over a man. She is predisposed to easily connect to the streaming power that holds all things in being. The mistake of perceiving physical strength as power led to this confusion and delusion. The form of both genders had naturally assigned roles each should play. Man with rough and hard form undertakes coarse labor while delicate, softness of womanhood engages in less tedious labor to allow her the ability for easy power receptivity.
Instead of feminists to demand for gender role abolishment, they should put their efforts in fighting for women’s rights that do not overlap the boundaries of female naturally assigned roles. There should be a concerted effort to make the state understand and integrate women in jobs that match their gender which they are even being denied. Feminists should understand that jobs that exposes one to public duty such as political office seekers (politician), head of this department  or that, is not a role for a woman. Any job that requires extreme physical or mental exertion should be avoided by flowery womanhood. Some may consider this point contentious in the misperception that it is unfair to women, but such individuals have no clue that it is women’s lack of leadership-which is what they ought to undertake- had turned everything topsy-turvy in the world today. This is the very basis for the disregard the society had on women. Since a woman made herself a cheap thing by shamelessly adopting masculine roles, she lost her value and gave a course for her rights to be undermined. Any time a female gender learns to remain a woman, injustice against women will disappear together with feminist movement. This will be the time when human society would have become the way it was ordained to be- a peaceful abode of conscious human spirits.  
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