March 23, 2023


There is a delusion in the belief that we are hundred percent in control of our actions because freewill is a part of our constitution. What I am saying here is that in our day consciousness, under no influence of drug or conditions which are capable of impairing our judgement, we are not free in our thoughts and actions. It is unfortunate that the whole of humanity suffers under this delirium, purely unconscious of the fact we are not whom we think we are, nor our thoughts under our control. Still, despite the fact that we think rationally, execute rational projects most times and are able to hold intelligible conversations, we are actually a poisoned race, and are walking around the earth with malignant ailment that keep destroying us every single second of our lives. Unfortunately, our intellect which is the greatest tool for our sustenance on earth happened to be badly damaged by this seemingly incurable disease.

The very question that should come to everyone’s mind is: how could we be sick and afflicted with disease without knowing it? The truth is that we are the ones who actually brought about this disease, the condition that landed us to this sorry state of our lives. This is done by over-cultivation of the intellect beyond the naturally designated, sound limit of operation and functioning. We have grown the intellect to monstrosity that we are no longer able to control it. Consequently, that which is meant to serve us, now compels us to serve its purposes.

The damage occurred at a point when this intellect assumed a different identity and separated us from our true selves, and yet blended so inconspicuously that we are fooled to still believe that we are the ones acting from its promptings. This was actually the fatal blow that crushed and sent humanity down that we don’t even believe we have fallen below from where we ought to have stood. This new identity is what we all know as the ego. But please don’t take my words for it; check it out with practical experiment with yourself.

Whatever you are doing now, and as it is clearly you are reading this write-up, you can choose to stop reading and go into some other thing. If you are mowing your front yard, or watching TV or cleaning up your messy room, you can easily stop any of these things and get into some other thing. You practically seemed to be in a position to make choice of what you want to do or stop what you are currently doing to do another which you considered a priority. But the only thing we are unable to stop doing is thinking. We cannot stop thinking for even only 60 seconds. We have lost the power to control our thoughts. Our thought is now in autopilot where it is constantly working with or without our consent. This is a common infirmity with every human being on earth today and which is set to drag majority of us to ruins.

This is a collective problem, a common addition, cultivated over millennia of relentless exertion of the faculty. Today, such toying with thoughts has become an uncontrollable propensity for which no one pays attention and had being considered now a normal state of health. The danger here is that we are not aware of this abnormality as it is common with everyone. So, over the years of constant exertion of the intellect, it developed an independent self which quietly superimposed itself on our intellect and operates freely and inconspicuously in what is termed as the ego (Eckhart Tolle).

It is noteworthy to state that this ego is a foreign self in all of us today, and it is what practically runs our lives, while we live in delusion that we are the ones in charge. Sadly, its objective is not for upliftment and ennoblement but to wreak havoc and drag everything down to ruins and destructions. Everything (without exception) that is negative, evil and wicked originate from the ego which had usurped our intellect, reined its ability to benevolent guidance. And the ego does this things under the guise of protecting, defending and preserving us from whatever that tends to undermine our place in our space.

Ego is a master pretender and a subtle one for that matter. When it is talking in thoughts in our heads, we simply assume that we are the ones orchestrating the thoughts, whereas we don’t have any basis for such assumption. How can we believe we are the ones thinking when we don’t have the power to stop this thinking on ourselves? If you are not the one in control of something, you are simply a passenger whose fate lies in the hands of whoever is driving you. And in this dangerous journey you could be taken beyond the point where you wish to disembark to where you wouldn’t want to go. Since we are not in control of the vehicle, we could be moving continuously and can only stop when we crash to death.

The ego is primarily interested in us, and it pretends that it cares so much about our good. But this is a lie that is so covered up in a seemingly cloak of truth. The ego is interested in destroying and sending us to damnation and disintegration. But when it flares up in us, to put up a defense against any threat to itself, we conclude that that is the right cause of action. For instance, when someone insults us by heaping unprintable names on our face by mistakenly blocking his vehicle with ours on narrow road. To reply such insults is always what our thoughts braces up for. And 99.9% of the time we reply back with our own insults as a way of tell the unruly fellow he can’t mess with us. Sometimes, such insignificant confrontation results to road rage, to bare knuckle brawl and to death. This has happened not one or two times, but several times. It is the ego in form of our thoughts that led to such unfortunate incidents.

Whatever that is going on in our head right now, the thoughts that are running crazily which we assumed we are the ones making them happen is a blatant lie. It is the ego…. (To Be Continued).

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