March 23, 2023


One of the ways those who are sleeping wished to be allowed to sleep on, is to deny the ugly events of our time by emptily maintaining that everything that is happening today has happened before. They put up this argument from out of fear that admission to this unprecedented events sweeping across the earth in recent years, will upset their comforts and generate inner disquietude which they are not yet prepared to deal with. They claimed that end time, the end of our age is propaganda, a bogus claim, an untenable and baseless calculations by idlers who don’t have serious issues to occupy their time. The truth is that no human opinion can stop the bubbles that will soon break over our heads. For the doubters, it will probably be too late.

It will be too late because we failed to see that much difference exists from the happenings of the past eras and today. We failed to see the succession of events, is in such regularity as never before. We failed to see that prophesies from various sacred writings that indicated signs of the end time seemed to unanimously converge in clear meaning and meaningfulness with our time. The signs are all over the place and even seemed to have heralded more than what these prophesies contained. And as it is today, it has assumed biblical proportion and apocalyptic stance that made conscious individuals to start getting themselves ready and prepare for the worst.

The various news outlets such as television, radio, tabloids, social media etc, are awash with terrible events every single day. If it is not a natural disaster that claims hundreds of thousands of lives, it will be terrorist attack, mass shooting, homicides, disease outbreak, hunger, draught, mudslide, plane and auto crashes. What about wars, and mass displacement that force thousands into necessary migration? Our world is collapsing before our very eyes, and fear hung like a thick cloud over every nation and amongst every people.

Take a look at all institutions of man and you will see that nothing is as it should be. No one will deny the fact that there is a general loss of faith in our political institutions. It has become clear that individual goals and selfishness has gotten the better part of the so-called leaders. The shameless display of lack of political convictions has made politician look like clowns and pitiable idiots whom no one takes seriously with their verbose mendacity. How about the economy whose instability has left millions in perpetual anxiety over the security of their future, and which the imminent collapse of dollar will definitely bring about? When you look at religion and Church and confusion swirling around them, you will become more scared of this time. Even family circles that should be the last hope, anchor and refuge in time of troubles seemed to be the most dreaded of this time. And this mistrust from the family units is now transferred into our social lives that everybody seemed to be afraid of everybody. Love amongst men has truly grown cold as the gospel says will happen. Yet, in the midst of all these things billions of men mill around the earth absolutely unconscious of the time they are standing on earth.

This site is devoted to bringing to our consciousness that our time on earth is up. It is the end time, the end of our inglorious age, but not the end of the world. This is done by bringing to limelight News and stories all around the world that are clearly showing we are standing on prophetic times. It will cover every field of life, ranging from, religion, Church, politics, family, social life, science, nature, economy, commerce to man. This will also contain articles videos, pictures and an interactive forum where people are free to ask questions and leave comments.

This site will stream and display and as well as feature offensive materials such as news of human fatalities, gruesome images of victims of any happening. Every porn material and lewd pictures are strictly prohibited from this site. This is a spiritual site that aimed at arousing human consciousness to the imminent danger that could destroy us if we don’t make haste and change our ways. By the very understanding of this danger, many perhaps, will start asking questions in view of finding a path to their own salvation.

Lastly, I will from time to time be blogging on issues and new knowledge that will help me and serious seekers find the path to our salvation! Thank you.

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