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Prayer for the Grace of the Father

Wishing you the renewal that comes with May… The Grace of the Father streaming down from On-High, from the Holy Chalice of the Holy Grail….May we remain conscious of this Grace… and may this Blessing reach us… Amen..!!

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Love is a magic ray emitted from the burning core of the soul and illuminating the surrounding earth. It enables us to perceive life as a beautiful dream between one awakening and another. ~Kahlil Gibran  

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GNOMES…..A Nature being…

GNOMES…..A Nature being… Gnomes, are called bhutas or pretas in India; the Muslims know them asgeniesor djinn. In the Talmud, the holy book of the Jews, the gnomes are described as the guardians of the earth and the subterrestrial worlds, ...

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