September 22, 2020

12 Pillars of a happy family (A perspective of oversight in marriage)

A time like this is when we must be vigilant to protect ourselves, our marriages and families. No one needs to be informed that we are living in unprecedented times. The airwaves are full of depressing news these days, and some of them are family issues that result to real bad news. If the headline is not that a husband murdered his wife in cold blood, it will read, a wife stabbed her husband multiple times to ensure he is dead. The rate of divorce is at the roofs including in some conservative societies where divorce is frowned upon. Should we mention family squabbles that had left many married couples cat-and-dog roommates?

These unfortunate state of affairs gave birth to 12 PILLARS OF A HAPPY FAMILY (A perspective of oversight in marriage). It is a novel assemblage of 12 main salient factors that plague relationship, marriage and leave family including children terribly sad and confused. It is an exposition and dissection with surgical precision that uncovered the root causes and proffered solutions to these ugly incidences at the same time.

This is a very small book and it is currently in a Kindle version. This means that one can have the book permanently as ebook in your phone,, tablet, Kindle and computer devices. You can get the book by clicking this link below:

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