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There is no family or anybody who has not lost a family member or a loved one? Our cemeteries and graveyards are museums with collections of bones of those who once shared this physical space with us. These folks lived in houses like us and went to work daily. They had aspirations and dreams and attained many accomplishments. They read books the way you are reading this writing and argued on issues they had contrary opinions. They ate, slept and had various beliefs and values. But today these people are dead and cannot be seen anymore with our physical eyes, except in the graves where some of them still have their putrid remains in bones or, nothing is left of the buried corpses for those who have died very long ago.

They died and left us in this physical world in pains and sorrows. We are broken and torn by grief during the time of interment because we are certain never shall our eyes see the beloved again. Tears flowed and hearts ached as the lost seemed unbearable. The preacher man or the officiating priest read some words from the holy Bible including Matt 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” More attempts are also made to bring succor to us by these religious men during these mourning periods. They borrowed from Jn 6:54, with some assurance in the words like, “Those who believed in him, even though they died, they shall resurrect with him on the last day.” Despite these supposed consoling statements the grief over the lost remained unabated and kept draining any remaining strength in us. And as we trudge back home, we are worn out, broken by sorrows for the lost of our dear ones.

Now, after months and years it dawned on us that our relation, brother, sister, husband, wife, mother and father whom we buried had actually disappeared to the unknown. We no longer hear anything about them; no information or message about what became of them. They simply vanished, leaving us with only memory, relic and a name. Some of us who believed in the continuity of life after death held the tiny strand of hope in faith that our dear ones survived death. They survived and are still alive even though they cannot be seen anymore and no one could tell of their condition, or in fact, whether our belief in the life after death is true.

This is the reason for the question: where are they? Where are the dead, our beloved ones, men and women who once lived here on earth? Why can’t we know how they are faring? Why is it that death is such a phenomenon that most people simply go blank when asked to explain what became of the dead? Those who mustered explanations sounded like empty brass without any substantive facts to convince themselves, much less of others. And with this mystery and unknowingness come a feeling of dread, fear of dying and of death and the consequent judgment as religion threatens. One can aptly state that there is nothing more terrifying to humans than death. Yet, in spite of the terror of death, no matter how hideous and frightening, it will definitely catch up with us. Just as our dear dead ones vanished, we shall in no distant time disappear, and be clasped tightly into that dreadful, inescapable embrace of death.

The pertinent question remains: how could we claim to love our dear dead ones but after months or years of their burial, they become a history that we seldom remember them? We are no more concerned about them because there is no need to attempt to know what you may not know. Really? In our opinion the condition of the dead is not what the living supposed to know or should express interest in. But how true is that? How true is it that anything about the spirit land must remain unknowable, a mystery enshrouded in utter blackness? How true is it that the dead cannot communicate with the living when it is said both worlds are interconnected and interdependent as though we all share one whole world and existence?

How about the religious leaders, priests and pastors who even claimed to be our cicerones on spiritual journey but who can neither help the mourners with their grief nor prepare the living on what to expect in the spirit land when they pass on? Why so much ignorance about the beyond and the spirit world? Why can’t we be genuinely consoled by making contact with our deceased loved ones who will surely tell us to stop crying that they are in a better place, or in a horrible situation with hope of making progress out from there? Even the excitements of hearing their voices or seeing them are already a therapeutic wonder. Would such contact not serve as true consolation for any mourner than quoting some biblical passages without an iota of understanding?

In the past centuries, precisely middle ages, communication with the dead was branded a taboo by the church because it was believed that only through an evil means would such contact be established. No good spirit can communicate with the living, hence, the invention of the word necromancy. No wonder all mediumship, ranging from clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other Psychic abilities were labeled witchcraft, sorcery or black magic. And anyone fingered to possess and exercise this ability is hunted down, dragged to the public square and burnt at the stake in the name of the Holy God. What informed such ignorance and barbarity on the part of the orthodoxy no one can tell because there was not even a chance to test the authenticity of any exercise, or the Psychic investigated for debunk or approval. Rather the church sounded the gavel, Roma locuta causa finita est.

This is how few individuals who wielded enormous power thrust themselves over the view of mankind, shut the gate of the beyond and prevented everyone from gaining any access to the dead and the spirit land. And the evil of those bygone days still cast its shadows down on our days despite progress made in freedom of belief and tolerance. This indubitably is hinged on the fact that man has not advanced spiritually because the ignorance prevalent in those days is still heavily entrenched in the Psyche of the religious today. This is why the most educated professor is a smoking spiritual illiterate. He brags about as an educated man but as soon as he puts on a religious cap, he abandons every logic and curiosity and file behind market women to clap and shout “Amen” over irrationality oozing from a preacherman’s throat.

 Some overzealous folks will surely rebuke me for daring to ask this question. They will admonish: why don’t you concern yourself with your life on earth and leave the dead alone? But this counsel is certainly not born out of good faith but fear. We are always afraid of what we don’t know, and would raise alarm if someone musters the courage to step out of this web of fear. Why should we find contentment in concerning ourselves with what we have instead of investigating the unknown for knowledge? Who says that knowledge hurts or truth is dangerous? The fact is that the safest place to be is with truth; it is the real home of every human spirit. Besides, growth, development and civilization wouldn’t have been possible if science lacked curiosity. Who could have thought about the possibility of internet in the middle ages, the industrial revolution, submarines, airplanes and drones?

Who can safely state that man has exhausted his limit in spiritualism, or science has no more vistas to explore? Life is infinite and progress is what sustains it. As we marvel at the science of rockets and drones today, we are likely to be stunned tomorrow when we investigate the beyond through natural processes. We could find out if there is death or, are our loved ones dead actually? On the contrast, what if there is no death and the spirit world is inhabited with all those who suffered dissolution of their physical body? What if there are means to communicate with the dead, and hold a direct voice conversation with our mothers, fathers and relations who had left us behind and are now citizens of the spirit world? What if there is no hell fire, purgatory or irreversible judgment after dissolution? What if spirit world is not a religious gathering? What if Orthodoxy has been wrong in so many vital issues about the beyond?

Fortunately, we have the Grail message with us today and which must form a foundation to all spiritualism. The Message is a means to understanding creation; it gave meaning and illuminated spiritualism as well as provided answers to all questions of life and existence. Sadly, it is those who have not read the Grail message are the noisiest adversaries. They speak as though they have knowledge, and just as man is afraid of investigating what he doesn’t know, so will these adversaries be scared of picking up 1931 Grand edition of the Grail Message and examine. Until you pick up the Message, you may not know the answer to this question: “Where are they?”    

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