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Almost every Nigerian at home and abroad and every other person who happened to resides within Nigeria geographical space knows that the country is in a deep mess. Those who are concerned are now worried because there is air of uncertainty about everything and in anything in Nigeria. Life has become a thing of chance that those who survive to the next day are considered to have being favored by fate. The good souls who wish to put things right are littered in many quarters, scouting, brain-storming, consulting, thinking and dissecting any available information that could help to salvage this apparently wrecked nation. The academics tendered their researches to point the way forward, but the ignorant crooks in power trash the papers without opening a page. On television, sessions are held by different stakeholders who tabled out their opinions on how to move the nation forward. In social media the frustrated hoi polloi berate the leaders and held them responsible for their misery and utter hopelessness that has become the order of the day. These continued and weeks run into months and months into years, with only signs that bad situations are getting increasingly and unimaginably worse.

With all these happening, one is bound to wonder a lot and many questions would naturally boggle one’s mind. How could a nation so blessed become a perfect image of a people under a curse? How could a nation with millions of Ph. D degrees and world renowned technocrats be governed by a man without a high school diploma? How could the South with all the erudition and exposure be dominated and subjugated by the barely literate North, who are contributing nothing in the union and yet, carting away the lion shares of the national wealth for more than 50 years as a right? How could a nation with crude oil deposits and numerous solid mineral that generate billions and yet, most of the citizens retire every night hungry and scared? Why did the government refuse to fix the refineries for more than 30 years now but rather preferred to be shipping out to other countries that they pay to do the job?
If this is not a curse, what is it?

How could a nation that hopes to survive tomorrow set the young ones on smooth paths to failure? The educational sector that should receive the best attention by any serious government is not even in the list of first top twenty priorities to Nigeria government? This is why government schools across the nation are an eyesore, dilapidated building, leaking roofs, empty classrooms with no desk and barely literate teachers marketing ignorance generously to the bemused, supposed students. I once cried my heart out when I saw on a social media primary three kids who sat on asphalted floor, in a classroom, without book, pen or any writing material. This is a state that takes home billions of naira every month in allocation. What can be so evil than to neglect the little ones, destroy a generation, and for what?

Every government agency today is a caricature. There is no standard for anything, and the senators, ministers and house members who ought to serve as oversight don’t care. This is the reason this culture of mediocrity pervade everywhere, leaving its trails of numerous preventable deaths across the nation. If it is not a collapsed building today, it will be ghastly auto mishap or petroleum tanker unloading on broad day light that set the people ablaze. Now it is Nigerians, the herdsmen slaughtering Nigerians on daily basis. At each of this occasion many lives are lost, and we move on without any measure to ensure any of such never happens. Those whose duty it is to fix things are busy fixing their pockets and securing their intestines. And someone is hopeful that things will be better tomorrow?

Philosophical inquiry informs one to see the future through the present moment. It is what is at hand will determine the nature of what is yet to come. As it is today, anyone who doesn’t thinks that Nigeria is dead is delusional. Such a person doesn’t want to admit the obvious that Nigeria is just a name, a nomenclature that means nothing to majority of Nigerians today. He simply wishes to cling to that tiny thread of hope that is drawn to its elastic limit of detachment. And soon he will only have the rope in his hand and not the hope!
Here is my prognosis that will make any thinking Nigeria to start looking for a solution for alternative home and not to waste any energy and time in trying to resurrect the dead: Nigeria.

The problem of Nigeria is not because of her multi-ethnic composition, or lack of cultural homogeneity. United States is of this kind. It is not because oil is in one part of the country and barren lands overwhelmed the other. United Arab Emirate is of this kind. It is not because the Igbos are progressive and radically enterprising or the Yorubas have taken to academics. Rwanda with such tribal exceptionalism rose from the ashes of their false selves to a leading African nation in development today. It is not basically the leadership who failed in their duty as Achebe of blessed memory opined. The leaders come from amongst the people and are the perfect sample of the collective spiritual state. The leaders couldn’t have been the problem if they shared the dark tendencies of the rest of the people. No wonder whoever that gets into power immediately blends in to the culture of selfishness and looting. There is a disease that seemed congenital to every Nigerian, and a prospective leader is already infected with it. This explains why it seemed practically impossible for the leaders to live up to their calling. It is not even the follower-ship in exclusion of the leaders. It is none of these as many pundits are trying to sell to the public. The best way to put this is to say that the source of the stream is contaminated that it gushed out fetid water which had affected everything it touched. As it is today, there is nothing in Nigeria which is not affected by this poisonous, squalid water. It is very clear from the look of things that colossal damage had been done to this source of stream that no human being or a Nigerian is capable of fixing it. Invariably, no one can resurrect the dead!

The problem of Nigeria is you, a Nigerian and who is going through this article. You can deny this fact but you can’t be exonerated from culpability when Nigeria collapses and which will happen very soon. Wherever you are when Nigeria is no more, you will always remember that you are part of that denizen of shame and dishonor whose enormous contributions brought down a nation. It doesn’t matter if you are then in Biafra, Oduduwa or Arewa republic; you destroyed a nation and will do the same if you carry over your attitude to your seeming utopian republic.

What you must not forget is the saying: “The wisdom of God rules the world!” It is from this wisdom that manifests in the inflexible laws that govern all things. It is this laws that ensure people of a homogeneous kind congregate at a place for their development. Prior to our birth, these laws ensure that all of us incarnate in a region that is to become a Nigeria. Our ancestors who were here before us attracted their kind through procreation and such attractions continued to this time; and till you and me. We are not Nigerians by accident or by compulsion; we are Nigeria by choice expressed in our spiritual density and other homogeneous characteristics. There is no place of error in the divine laws that govern creation. All of us Nigerians share peculiar characteristics and what one can liken to DNA. It is these characteristics which were not checked that had become our bane, ruin, destruction and death.

Have you not asked yourself why you can’t name at least three Nigerians, living or deceased you will proudly call heroes? How about two Nigerians or, okay, a Nigeria who is a hero? What about patriot? I mean a Nigerian, one who has showed extraordinary and remarkable commitment to a Nigeria state; her growth and continuity devoid of hidden tribal or personal gains. I don’t mean tribal leaders like Awolowo, Tafawa Belewa or Azikiwe whose political ambition brought about the deception of “One Nigeria” prior to the civil war? Or Ojukwu and Gowon whose names can’t be omitted when deaths of millions of people are remembered in Biafra war? Who is still remaining, Obasanjo, Buhari, Jonathan or Ben Murray Bruce who didn’t see anything wrong with the outrageous Senator’s salaries and allowances in the midst of grinding poverty of the masses? Does it mean there is no hero or a patriot in Nigeria?
Is it now clear we are a people whose primary goal is our individual selves. We don’t care about others despite all pretenses and noise any of us in a privilege position mouth in regard to thinking about the common good of Nigeria. We simply don’t care. If we care one person could have shown heroism or patriotism since the coming into existence of this godforsaken country. The men who enrolled in Nigeria military went in due to scorching heats of poverty and frustrations of joblessness. The military commanders know nothing but graft and self enrichment, and these nuisances would be considered patriots? There is no patriot because none of us believed in Nigeria. Nobody can willingly give his life for Nigeria.

Our Lord Jesus Christ enjoined on us as it is recorded in Matt, 10:39: “whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” As Nigerians we are all guilty of this. That congenital spiritual disease that expresses its symptoms in self-preservation, selfishness, greed, and theft has left us in a tattered, bad shape. When this is applied to Nigeria: we all want to take from Nigeria, to amass at every opportunity for ourselves and family. No one thinks of Nigeria’s health or engages in actions that promotes the health of this nation. We pretend that we care, but soon the wind will blow and the rump of a foul will be exposed. These attitudes had created the dark thought forms that surrounded the entire country ethereally which had now destroyed the health of the nation. This is the reason I said Nigeria is dead!
What should we do now?
To be continued…

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