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It is a moral stench,
Abomination and taboo!
that threatens our lives.
Our cultures and values,
it sets to undermine
and lead us to ruins.

They came as liars,
Vile faggots of corruption.
Setting all below the beast
in orgy of perverted faces,
where feces mixed in dishes
as menu for all races.

It is our world of morals
Our heritage; not for others.
Those scums, sick, sex criminals
redefining the pleasure
and wanting all not to censure
even at expense of nature.

Fellas, pick your cudgels
Your stones and clubs of hell
To the scums be death.
They have no place on earth.
We are Christians for good
Religious, who won’t be fooled.

But you are senile idiots!
Living a lie of sort.
The lie you accuse others
you hate with infernal blunder,
on a cover of religion
and the mask of Christianity.

You wretched dotage beings!
The teacher spoke of love,
To all must it be served.
And you must not kill
as he tried to heal your ills.
But you chose law to break.

None would hold you back,
as you fall deep in the dark.
For two blacks made no white,
Nor depth gained as height.
Measures are for all equal,
As the laws are all time tall.

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