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Easter celebration to all mankind should evoke regrets, hope and nostalgia if the true import of this event is properly understood. But due to errors spread by twisting the happening to accord man a prominent position in the scheme of things, much that could benefit one is lost, and Easter celebration has become an empty elation, false hope and meaningless confidence amongst believers around the world. When one tries to call attention of a believer to these errors which he clinched with both hands, he immediately brands you a lost sheep that is far removed from the mystery of faith, and inscrutable ways of God. But what still puzzles me is how we ascribe irrationality to divinity, and do not give a thought that consistency and perfection spread in the works of God which leaves no room for absurdity and mystery.

How could we believe that Christ mission on earth was for a death on the cross as a propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of mankind? In other words, God sent his beloved son to come and die for our sins, and by so doing, redeemed all our guilt and paved a smooth highway straight to paradise? You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is just believe, for redemption is an act of grace, not work? And we are quick to forget that “Thou shall not kill,” is a commandment of this God. How could God give us a commandment not to kill which included murder, and gave out his beloved son to be killed? Does this make any sense? In our hymns and other songs we recognize God as unchangeable yet we conceive Him as arbitrarily, changing God, and use our twisted intellect to wrap this glaring contradiction in a soft cloak of inscrutability of God.

For anyone who is ready to accept the truth, the death of Jesus Christ was a dastardly murder, which burdened all of us with guilt that is yet to be settled. Christ stood for his teachings, for the truth he brought down from the luminous height, and gave his life in defense of it. He didn’t flinch in the face of death, but graceful accepted his fate as a testimony to his message to us, despicable earthworms. His agonizing entreaty, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing,” couldn’t have been referred to a just humanity. These words are simply an accusation to one who has done wrong, for it is such that deserves forgiveness.

Moreover, how could Judas Iscariot, be condemned by man for betraying his master. Yet, man believed that the mission of this master on earth is to die for his sins? If Judas was instrumental to this death, why would such a facilitator be condemned? This is to say that we don’t like what Judas did, but accept the death as something good. In a clear logical sense, if the mission of Christ was to die, Judas Iscariot should be honored as co-redeemer. But out of cleverness of the intellect, we sought for a way to justify a crime against Jesus by accepting the unthinkable so long as it fits into the scheme of projecting ourselves too valuable to God, whose way defy comprehension.

Besides, who amongst us don’t acknowledge God as just? Is justice not an unquestionable attribute of divinity? But when it come to understanding Justice of God in regard to condemnation of Christ and his crucifixion, everything about God immediately becomes a mystery. None of us can accept as just judgment in our earthly judicial system if a judge condemns an innocent man to death and frees the guilty. Such decision will indubitably invoke public outcry and protest on our streets. But when innocent Jesus was condemned by the very people he came to help, we accepted that as his fate which was designed to set us, the guilty free. Since it favors us, God is a mystery of an inexplicable nature.

When Christ rose from death, many Christians, if not all, still believed that he rose with his physical body and ascended to heaven with same physical body. In their opinion, Christ as God is capable of doing the unthinkable. Since the body was not found in the grave, and the disciples saw him, conclusion is immediately drawn that Christ rose with a physical body. In the ascension, no one tries to reflect what use is physical body in heaven. With all these errors, one can’t imagine how Easter blessings could be bestowed on us. How could the resurrection of Christ that evokes hope and nostalgia become an enriched experience to millions whose belief and understanding are against the will of God? As long as man stands outside the will of God, and holds fast errors of divine happenings, Easter celebration will continuously remain an empty elation that will soon result to cries of lamentation!

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