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The Pagan Hang-over!

Easter is round the corner after the observance of the so called ’Good Friday’ when believers will reverently bow their heads in worship and praise of Him Who supposedly gave His life as a sacrifice for our sins!
For there is “No redemption without blood-shed” most of them say.

What a cruel image of GOD Who Himself is nothing but the sublime, benevolent and divine embodiment of all LOVE!!!
Does it not brand Him as a blood thirsty deity, ranking Him with the man-made idols of old to whom men, in sheer ignorance and fear, sacrificed animals and their fellow human beings?

It is a diabolic, sadistic and suicidal image imposed on The Almighty God, since Jesus is God incarnate into flesh!

An image which Jesus himself disapproves with the evidence of His intercession as He hung on the cross dying, saying: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

The tale- tell darkness not light and earthquakes, storms and winds that occurred were not signs of momentous joyful demonstrations of a mission accomplished!

Besides braking His own law of thou shalt not kill, which as the perfect loving God He could never do, this and other contradictory implications of this branding, only points out man’s delusion of his own egotistic sense of supremacy over His own Creator by daring to impute and impose illogical behaviors on Him whose laws hold His Creation together and are therefore immutably adamant and revocable !!!!!!

The belief in His mission of Divine Love which He is and was, being misunderstood as the only way back to His Father, epitomized in the injunction of Love thy God first and thy neighbor as yourself, has now been translated into the belief in His blood-shed, the magical sin-washing liquid soap of my parody in my previous release.

This is a convenient device which relieves us of all our spiritual responsibilities which He then shoulders for us out of His Love for us!

Ask yourself, why then did He say that we reap whatever we sow in Creation. Even our secular laws do not exact punishment on one proven innocent !
Think seriously of the foregoing and reassess your understanding of the Holy event of Jesus Christ’s mission of Divine Love to us earth men. By Prof. Uwa Hunwick

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