There is clearly an acceleration of events with every human beings living on earth today. No single person is exempted, and no matter who you are or where you are living, your race, color or religion, we are part of these events. As long as you are a human spirit, you are part of these events. We are part of these events not voluntarily but forcefully compelled, checkmated from all sides to the point of submission. We may think that we are in control because we still see ourselves as sane enough to make decisions, choice and judgement, but the truth is that the force under which we are all subjected every single day is moving us  and exerting much influence in our actions and inaction.

Every single day on social media terrible news and events of human fatalities are are displayed. With aghast expression we gawk at the gory images of human fatalities that resulted from murder, auto mishap, natural disasters, diseases or suicide, and as soon as we scrolled pass the images, the thoughts of these shocking incidents immediately disappears from our mind. Some people are caught up unexpectedly with mishaps while others commit murders which they never consider themselves capable of. We are shocked but we quickly forget.

What we all must know  is that divine force is propelling everything forwarding, closing cycles of past dealings. If you are doing what is right with pure intentions towards you neighbor, the force will aid and support you to become stronger with the volition. But if you are dark, evil with ill intentions, you will be propelled to outrageous acts that will even baffle you the perpetrator. When you see a wife murder the husband, or a friend died of stabbed injury from a colleague, we wonder why such evils happen. If we start to cultivate good intention, keep our outlook positive; if we start to inculcate purity in thoughts, we shall have no cause to be afraid of the divine force. That which could have destroyed us will become our main protectors in this crazy times!


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