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GNOMES…..A Nature being…

GNOMES…..A Nature being…
Gnomes, are called bhutas or pretas in India; the Muslims know them asgeniesor djinn. In the Talmud, the holy book of the Jews, the gnomes are described as the guardians of the earth and the subterrestrial worlds, while the Aztecs named them Tepictoto, those beings who, according to the Aztec tradition, concern themselves mainly with the mountains. Brazilian traditions mention a gnome named Kurupira who protects the woods; Egyptian traditions talk of Bes, a bearded, misshapen gnome, who is very popular since he is said to grant protection to the people. The Iroquois Indians identify three main types of “gnomes”, depending on whether they concern themselves with the rocks and the water, the plants and the streams or the ground and the caves.

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