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Thy Kingdom Come…

“Thy Kingdom come…”
DECEPTIONS AND “Thy Kingdom come…”

Self-appointed ‘messiahs’ of some groups and movements on Earth already told their sects that the Millennium has started some years ago. And they fan their ignorance in this delusion, encouraging them in their voluntary sleep of death born out of slothful utopia.

TRUTH IS: From the Living Word:
“Thy Kingdom come, is not a request but again a vow: The earth shall become like the heavenly Kingdom by the devotion and service of human souls. Thus the words Thy Kingdom come mean: we will improve and perfect this earth so far that Thy perfect reign may extend to us. We will prepare the soil, i.e. make conditions enabling all men to live according to Thy Holy Will, that Thy laws may all be implicitly obeyed, that it may become like the spiritual world where the blessed spirits dwell, who are washed free from burdens and sins, and whose whole lives are devoted to Thy service. “

Have we prepared the SOIL.. a sober reflection…

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