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Key which leads you to Life


“It is the Way, the Gate and also the. To that Life which cannot be ranked with all the treasures of this Earth, all the treasures of the entire Universe, and which cannot be purchased! Now draw from out of The Message which is offered to you. Take from out of the possession, of the most precious that you can ever encounter. Grasp It as It is, yet do not analyse and subtilise It. To analyse and interpret It would bring no value. You should not make this Message intellectually conceivable for yourselves, but it is your task to simply create a place for It in the centre of your soul. There you shall seek, there you shall interpret in order to find anything that does not contribute to the adornment of the room if this Message is to make an entry into you! You should discover what is still of disturbance in this room, which latter must become a Temple within you. Create this Temple within yourselves without touching my Message, and all those who thus act will be helped. ”


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